Students at the College have a summer uniform and a winter uniform, both of which are compulsory. The summer uniform is worn during Terms 1 and 4, and the winter uniform is worn during Terms 2 and 3. You can view the Uniform Policy here: Uniform & Grooming Policy

Uniform items can be purchased at our on-site Uniform Shop, which is operated by Perm-a-Pleat School Wear. Located in the E Centre precinct, the Uniform Shop provides parents and students with access to the full range of uniform requirements all year round.

Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop operates on a part-time basis with support from volunteer parents. It is open twice weekly during Term time. Normal Trading hours (during school terms only) are:

Mondays - 12.00noon to 4.00pm
Wednesdays - 8.00am to 1.00pm
Closed Public Holidays

The Uniform Shop has the capacity to open for additional hours/days throughout the year, during Term time and holidays. Additional opening hours will be advertised.

All new uniform items are held in stock.
Sorry, but we are unable to offer a Lay-by system. Payments can be made by cash, EFTPOS or credit card. Cheque payments can not be accepted.

Online Uniform Purchasing

Location: E Centre
Parking: Entrance 2 (Mills Road West Entrance)
Phone: 08 9394 9349