Career and Transition Pathways

A career is the sum total of paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles you undertake throughout your life. A career is a continuous process of learning and development ( 

At Lumen Christi College, our aim is to work with students to grow their capabilities in managing their own career development and achieve their personal academic goals to ensure they have a logical next step beyond Year 12. A theme within this goal is ensuring that students are making informed decisions. This largely begins in Year 10 with Course Selections for Upper School beginning in Term 2.

The selection of appropriate subjects that complements the student’s aspirations is important because courses studies in Year 11 and 12 create pathways to related careers and provide important background for entry into TAFE/University courses. 

At Lumen Christi College, we are committed to offering students the opportunity to participate in a variety of career development programs that provide them with learning activities designed to help them to reach their unique career potential.

A number of formal activities form part of the current career program. These include:

Year 10

  • Careers Day - Information and presentations from a range of careers and post school education options.
  • Seminar Presentations- Exploring post school options and locating and effectively using career information.
  • Course Counselling meetings - All Year 10 students and their parents/guardians participate in a personalised interview prior to selection of courses for Years 11 and 12.

Year 11/12 Guest Speaker Program

Year 12 University Information Evening


Mrs Nicholls is available to meet with students and parents to discuss all TAFE, VET and University pathway options. 

For a comprehensive list of Career, University and TAFE websites, please click here.
The Careers Office is open during school hours.

Senior Transition Centre, G Block
T:(08) 9394 9328