The Middle School Teaching and Learning program at Lumen Christi College is dedicated to providing a quality learning experience for each child. Our Middle School curriculum builds upon the foundation of primary school and actively nurtures the creativity and critical thinking skills required for success beyond school.

While we are blessed with outstanding resources, fundamental to our teaching and learning program is the establishment of quality relationships between our staff and students. Staff are entrusted to create an engaging, respectful and positive learning environment where the journey of every student is in focus. An environment where the most effective teaching strategies and resources are employed hand in hand with the caring and supportive attention only a quality teacher can provide.

In Years 7-10, Religious Education, Mathematics, English, Humanities & Social Sciences, Science and Health and Physical Education, are the compulsory core subjects. Alongside these Year 7 students sample the breadth of electives available to them from Year 8 onwards.

All Year 7 students will do one period of Design Technology (computing classes) and their chosen Language (Japanese or Italian) throughout the year.
They will also do, on a rotation basis, every Arts class listed as follows: Visual Art, Media Art, Dance, Drama and Music General.
In addition, they will also do every Technical Design class listed as follows: Technical Graphics, Food Creation, Textile Craft, Woodwork and Metalwork.