Outreach at Lumen Christi College asks all our Community to open their eyes, touch their hearts and move their hands in response to the incredible difficulties people face both nationally and internationally. Compelled by the message, life and love of Jesus Christ, we form students to build care, love and gratitude for others. Our Outreach program reminds us that we can make a difference and our help is appreciated. Our College supports many worthwhile foundations, and have endeavoured to help people suffering in poverty, health and crisis care.

As a College, we not only endeavour to help those in need but also to educate our community about tremendous social issues. It is important not only to donate but also to recognise the dimensions, causes and consequences of the issues. Recognising issues helps form our young men and women to leave our community wiser about what they may encounter in their workplace, the way they may vote, the values they teach their families, and the manner in which they conduct themselves in society. Like the example set by Jesus, Outreach is action to help people immediately, long term and eternally.

Amongst any others, Lumen Christi College supports the following agencies:

  • Matrix Mission
    The Matrix Mission is in Atoor, a modest town in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu State, the southern tip of India. Working in partnership with Fr Maria, a priest of the diocese of Trivandrum, the Lumen Christi College Community helps to provide a home, food, clothing and education for 26 boys who live at the Matrix. 

  • Caritas Australia – Project Compassion
    An international aid agency which supports long-term development programs in impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Indigenous Australia and the Pacific — helping oppressed people to rediscover their dignity by taking greater control over their lives and overcoming poverty.

  • Life Link WA
    The Life Link organisation was established by the Archdiocese of Perth in 1994 to provide for the ongoing financial and promotional support of agencies established or assisted by the Church.

  • The Cancer Council
    As Australia's peak national non-government cancer control organisation, Cancer Council Australia advises the Australian Government and other bodies on practices and policies to help prevent, detect and treat cancer. The Cancer Council also advocates for the rights of cancer patients for best treatment and supportive care.

  • The McGrath Foundation
    McGrath Breast Care Nurses help individuals (and their families) experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support.

  • Catholic Mission Australia
    Catholic Mission operates in over 160 countries to support initiatives in 1,100 dioceses, including remote Australia. Grassroots needs are identified by local Catholics, to give people the opportunity for a full, enriched life—physically and spiritually—regardless of race, stigma, religion or gender.

  • Young Vinnies
    The St Vincent de Paul Society is a lay Catholic organisation that aspires to live the gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice, hope and joy, and by working to shape a more just and compassionate society.

  • Beyond Blue
    Beyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

  • The Heart Foundation
    The Heart Foundation funds lifesaving heart research, and works to improve heart disease prevention and care for all Australians.
    A heartfelt and sincere thank you to our community for their support and generosity throughout the 2017 Outreach program.

  • Legacy Australia
    Campbell House follows the example set by Alec Campbell – our last Anzac. Legacy Australia helps the men and woman who have served our country and their families. It is our honour to support this organisation.