The Lumen Christi College Junior Transition Centre opened for Year 7 students in Term 1, 2015.

Year 7s experience an environment in our purpose-built Junior Transition Centre, that ensures they feel safe and secure through building positive relationships with teachers and peers.

An Orientation Day occurs in Term 4 for Year 6 students along with an Orientation to Secondary School for parents.

During the first term of Year 7, we slowly familiarise students to the structure of the timetable, interspersed with opportunities for team building, introduction to the 1 to1 Laptop program and development of Library skills. Presentations and class activities introduce the students to the study skills and positive education program.

In structuring Year 7, Lumen Christi College has taken the best elements of Primary school – limited teachers to encourage relationship building, and limited movement around the College to assist with transition to such a large environment – with all the benefits of secondary education; specialist teacher, specialist equipment and greater opportunities.

The Junior Transition Centre, where the students have majority of their lessons, is designed and equipped to cater for both the academic and pastoral needs of the year group. The transition program acknowledges and builds on the diverse cultural and social lives of the students in recognising and supporting different learning styles.

A Year 7 teaching team works collaboratively across subject areas to ensure that cross-curricular learning occurs. Teachers often take two subjects with a particular class and the classroom teachers regularly meet to discuss students’ academic and personal development. Assessments in Year 7 are used to recognise student needs and appropriate strategies are put in place to allow all students to experience the challenges and successes associated with academic achievement.

A focus on developing good study practises, i.e. organisation, home study habits and goal setting is coupled with the implementation of Positive Education principals. The growth of the whole individual and acknowledgment of the developmental stage of the student is incorporated into lessons through recognising and building on character strengths, practising mindfulness and expressing gratitude.

Year 7’s also have a dedicated Head of Year who oversees the pastoral and academic needs of all Year 7 students and the implementation of the transition program is overseen by one person. This gives not only the students but also the parents and teachers a ‘go to person’.