Lumen Christi College seeks to provide opportunities that allow each student to become the best person he or she can possibly be. A pastorally caring and supportive environment, enriched by the heritage of Catholic Education, Lumen Christi College is dedicated to preparing students to become leaders who, informed by Christian values and with a strong sense of justice, are prepared to shape a better society. Our Vision is that all members of our College Community live up to the College name in being ‘a Light of Christ' for others. 

College Mission

The Lumen Christi College journey starts with our mission. It is enduring and declares our core purpose as a College. It serves as the standard against which we consider our actions and our decisions. Therefore, with a commitment to providing quality experiences, rich learning opportunities and drawing inspiration from our College name, Lumen Christi – the Light of Christ, our mission is to: 

Form resilient young men and women with a passion to learn and to be a light for others.

Our Guiding Lights

Our Guiding Lights outline our values as a College. They underpin our mission and are a daily reminder of the way that we will approach our daily teaching and learning.

We are called to be a:

Light of Faith
Light of Excellence
Light of Welcome
Light of Example
Light of Creativity