Principal:Karen Prendergast
SLT Coordinator:Caroline Watson
College Captain:Joseph Morton
College Captain:Harshita Khunda
College Vice Captain:Alfred Ruzunga
College Vice Captain:Bianca Patio

Purpose of the Student Leadership Team

The overarching aim of the Student Leadership team is to assist all students to appreciate themselves as stakeholders in the College. To this end, all students are encouraged to actively participate in the life of the College, in particular the activities which directly impact on them as individuals and the morale of the student body.

The Lumen Christi Student Leadership Team exists to:

  • Foster a culture of student expression, both individually and collectively. 
  • Work alongside students and staff, to seek positive ways of enhancing individual and distributed leadership, initiative and responsibility among the greater student body
  • Support the Principal, staff and student body by embodying the College mission and Guiding Lights. 

Requirements for Membership

Those who wish to apply to join the Student Leadership Team must be able to demonstrate:

  • A positive attitude towards the College, including commitment to the College Mission. 
  • Their support of a range of College activities and events. 
  • Adherence to College uniform and grooming standards. 
  • An exemplary record regarding behaviour in class (preparedness for lessons, submission of work on time) and in general (no repeat detentions or infringement of College Policies). 
  • Satisfactory completion of Community Service requirements. 
  • A keen sense of responsibility. 
  • A high level of motivation including a willingness to work with and learn from their peers.