The College currently operates with five Houses: Campbell, MacKillop, Salvado, Tangney and Yagan. Prior to commencing at the College each student is assigned to a Homeroom within one of the five Houses.
Each House has a House Coordinator, and each Year group a Head of Year, whose role is to look after the welfare and pastoral care of students. The House Coordinators and Heads of Year are part of a team which is led by the Deputy Principal of Pastoral Care, and also includes the College Psychologist, Counsellor and Aboriginal Liaison Officer. In addition to being used for pastoral support, the House system helps facilitate the integration of students across year groupings and a range of College Activities. These may include Inter-house competitions, sporting activities and community service fund-raising events.

The Five College Houses

Each of the five Colleges houses is named after a person who has made a significant contribution to Australian life and culture. The area of focus each house relates in some way to the life and work of the House patron.


Campbell House is named after Alec Campbell. Born in Launceston in 1899, Alec enlisted in the First World War aged 16. His youthfulness led to him being nicknamed “The Kid” at Gallipoli. Alec Campbell was the last of the ANZACS who served at Gallipoli; and almost certainly its last survivor in the world. The nation honours Alec Campbell and his comrades for their courage and spirit of self-sacrifice. Alec Campbell will live on to represent all ANZACS. In their memory and honour Campbell House focuses on Excellence.


MacKillop House is named after Saint Mary MacKillop. An Australian born of Scottish parents, Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), was a leader in Catholic education who focused upon the learning opportunities for the rural and the urban children. These students were often disadvantaged in terms of material benefits and without access to opportunities to learn about God. In 2010 Mary MacKillop became Australia’s first Saint. In recognition of her dedication the focus of MacKillop House is Learning. 


Salvado House is named after Spanish Benedictine monk Rosenda Salvado. In 1846 Rosenda Salvado and Joseph Serra led the founding party of the New Norcia Mission. As a bishop and a missionary, Salvado later become a pivotal figure in Western Australia. Here he gave great leadership to the local faith community until his death in 1901. In recognition of this important contribution the focus of Salvado House is Faith.


Tangney House is named after Senator Dame Dorothy Margaret Tangney, ALP, (1911 - 1985). Dame Tangney was elected to Federal Parliament in 1943 as Australia’s first female Senator and gave outstanding service to Western Australia. A notable Catholic leader, Dame Tangney advocated for the rights of the less advantaged. She received much recognition for this work on both sides of the Parliament. In aspiring to her great dedication the focus of Tangney House is Service.


Yagan House is named after the Aboriginal leader Yagan. At the time of settlement in the Swan River colony, (1829), Yagan was among those who offered the settlers support. Although this positive start was later overtaken by conflict, Yagan remains a positive symbol of Aboriginal culture of the time, and of the Aboriginal people within our community now. In recognition of his work in relationship building the focus of Yagan House is Community.