The Michael Devine Discovery Centre provides information, resources and services to the Lumen Christi College community, including a Library, collaborative learning group spaces, career counselling and the ICT office. The resources are designed to meet the needs of our students, staff and the requirements of the curriculum.

The Discovery Centre has a wonderful range of books in various formats, with a particularly good selection in the Fiction section, and with new publications arriving regularly. The library subscribes to magazines, journals and e-resources and these, along with other resources, are available to be borrowed by students or used in the Discovery Centre.

The Discovery Centre is open Monday - Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm including break times.

Students may borrow up to seven items at any one time and are encouraged to ensure that they always have something to read. The normal borrowing period for students is two weeks for both fiction and non-fiction items.

Study Club sessions take place in the Discovery Centre on Tuesday and Thursdays afternoons from 3:10pm – 4.00pm, for all year levels.