By participating in Christian Service Learning, students grow from a faith perspective as people of service and social justice. Characterised by compassion and a concern for others, specifically those less fortunate, students experience serving others, whilst realising that they can make notable contributions to society. Students are challenged to look beyond themselves and even further than family and friends to actively consider the needs and welfare of others amongst their school, their local community and the broader global context. By engaging in Christian Service Learning, students learn to recognise, appreciate and facilitate a desire to enact what is good and how to be a light for others. In doing so, they are answering God’s call to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Students are required to complete a total of 50 hours of Christian Service Learning during their secondary schooling to in order to meet the conditions for graduation. To ensure that the program is meaningful and manageable, the hours have been divided across year levels

  • Year 7 – 10 hours of service;
  • Year 8 – 10 hours of service; 
  • Year 9 – 10 hours of service; 
  • Year 10/11* – 20 hours of service (*all 20 hours can be completed during Year 10 if desired). 

Our Guiding Lights underpin our mission to “Form resilient young men and women with a passion to learn and to be a light for others’. They are a reminder of the way that we approach Christian Service Learning whilst at Lumen Christi College. Our particular foci are the Lights of Example and Faith. Light of Faith, to have an optimistic faith and to appreciate and be good stewards of the blessings of life. Through the Christian Service Learning program we are challenged to lead, to demonstrate respect, understanding and compassion for others and to make a difference.