Our College

The mission of Lumen Christi College is "to form resilient young adults with a passion to learn and to be a light for others". Those who choose to join the staff team at Lumen Christi must be committed to helping the College live out this mission.

The College has an ongoing program of development to ensure College policies and facilities are reviewed and renewed. Staff members work hard to ensure the College maintains a well-structured timetable, a vibrant curriculum, innovative teaching methods, up to date resources and an exemplary pastoral care system. Christian values, which underpin all aspects of College life, inform our work and play an integral role in supporting a highly motivated staff team as they strive to fulfil the College mission.

Our Staff

All who work at Lumen Christi must be committed to uphold the Catholic ethos and actively promote the College values while fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities. The emphasis on teamwork and a requirement to promote co-curricular activities within the College helps to create a strong sense of identity amongst staff. It also fosters positive relationships between staff and students.

The promotion of excellence is important in our College and embraced by all staff members. Encouraging this enables students to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Staff members are called to lead by example; treating students with dignity, respecting differences, promoting challenges, and rewarding initiative. Amongst the student body staff nurture a sense of personal and collective pride, which helps foster the desire to learn, and a willingness to engage in all aspects of College life.

Lumen Christi College is committed to the protection of children. Successful applicants must satisfy child protection screening and adhere to the College's Child Protection Policies and Staff Code of Conduct. 

Current Vacancies

  • Teaching positions
  • Non-teaching positions

Important Information for Applicants

In applying for a position at Lumen Christi College you will be providing the College with personal information. Personal information, contained in the application or on your CV, will be collected in order to assess your application. This information may be stored by the College, but will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. Teaching positionsHeaderIcon

Please include Referees and up-to-date Referee contact information on your CV. It is your responsibility to inform nominated referees that you have passed on their contact details and the reason for this. All nominated referees of short listed candidates will be contacted. Non-nominated referees may also be contacted.

You may seek access to personal information held about you if you are unsuccessful for the position, however there will be occasions where this is denied. Such occasions would include where access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others. Application forms and other personal information of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed on completion of the appointment process, unless you give signed permission for your application to remain on file.

Your application must include the appropriate Police Clearance and any other documentation required for the position. These documents must have been acquired within the last two years.

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Relief Teachers

The College is seeking expressions of interest from qualified teachers to join our casual relief pool. Please email your curriculum vitae, along with your WWC and TRBWA registration details to hr@lumen.wa.edu.au with ‘Relief Teacher Expression of Interest’ in the subject box.