The Learning Support Program at Lumen Christi College assists students with additional needs and offers support to any students who experience problems with academic tasks because of learning difficulties. The program spans all year groups and support may be of an intermittent or regular nature.

Active inclusion is the key educational concept that underpins this program and every effort is made to offer support to students within the classroom environment, amongst their peers.
Students will work in regular classes with extra support, in small groups or on a 1:1 basis as required. Every effort is therefore made to assist student learning within the regular classroom environment.

An Education Assistant is available in the classroom, to work with students who require support in order to complete tasks set during class.

Some students have an Individual Educational Plan/Curriculum Adjusted Plan/Health Plan/Individual Transition Plan. A small number of students’ tasks will be modified in presentation and occasionally in content as deemed necessary by the classroom teacher, in consultation with the Learning Support Coordinator. Support will be offered in all core subjects and, for safety reasons, in Food Creation, Sport and Manual Arts.

We are heavily involved and highly successful in the ACC Inclusive Sports (Swimming, Soccer, Cross country, Athletics, Bowling).

Teachers and College Administration are fully supportive of our inclusive model and ensure the curriculum is accessible to each student in their class.

The support program is reviewed annually and modified to meet the growing demands of our school population.