The Diversity Education Program at Lumen Christi College assists students with additional needs and offers support to any students who experience problems with academic tasks because of learning difficulties. The program spans all year groups and support may be of an intermittent or regular nature.

The College has a purpose-built Learning Hub catering for up to 30 students from Years 7 to 12, each following an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). Students requiring significant teaching and learning adjustments to the mainstream program, and those with a diagnosed disability, will undertake classes primarily in the Learning Hub. Where possible, students are grouped according to age in the Learning Hub and integrated into specialist mainstream subjects and Year appropriate classes.

The philosophy of teaching and learning in the Learning Hub is to support each student achieve their personal best within their individualised learning plans. Specialised teaching staff, with the support of Teaching Assistants, deliver individualised and small group curriculum and learning programmes, utilising current educational approaches which cover the academic, emotional, physical, social and pastoral development of their students as lifelong learners. Programmes have been developed in accordance with Church teachings, government legislation, Catholic Education Commission Policy Statements, the National Goals of Schooling and the Australian Curriculum.

The aim of the Learning Hub is to equip students with skills to lead a more independent life beyond secondary schooling, ensuring they have the skills to function in an appropriate workplace environment and the wider community. Specific programmes organised through the Learning Hub include the Enterprise Business, Life Skills, and Work Experience. All students participate in Year group activities and College events such as Retreats, Activity Days and Inter-House Carnivals.      

The support program is reviewed annually and modified to meet the growing demands of our school population.