Lumen Christi College is on a constant journey of school improvement. As part of an authentic commitment to reflect on our purpose and mission as a Catholic Secondary school, the College is genuine in celebrating what we do well, while examining areas in which we can develop and grow. With our College mission as central; forming resilient young men and women with a passion to learn and be a light for others', and student success as our focus, our school is sincere in our efforts to reflect on our performance and plan for our future. Such vision and planning is openly shared with our community and can be found within the respective documents below.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

AGM Annual Report

AGM Annual Report 2015
AGM Annual Report 2016
AGM Annual Report 2017
AGM Annual Report 2018
AGM Annual Report 2019
AGM Annual Report 2020
AGM Annual Report 2021

Annual School Report

Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2021

School Improvement Plan

Annual School Improvement Plan 2016
Annual School Improvement Plan 2017
Annual School Improvement Plan 2018
Annual School Improvement Plan 2019
Annual School Improvement Plan 2020
Annual School Improvement Plan 2021

Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan 2021 - 2022