A key function of the Lumen Christi College Parent Voice is to encourage more parents to engage in the ongoing life of the school. The purpose of this is to assist the School Community in becoming more effective in the process of educating our students and equipping them with skills to assist them throughout life.

Each Lumen parent and guardian is urged to consider how best to offer their time and talents to assist in this task. This may be on an occasional or an ongoing basis.

The key areas of focus are: 

  • Increasing the profile of the Parent Voice amongst the Lumen Community - friend raising
  • Providing opportunities for the engagement of parents
  • Improving the effectiveness, and activities of the Lumen Christi Parent Voice
  • Encouraging parents to take an active interest in teaching and learning through participation in forums with the Principal
  • Work closely with the Principal to prioritise the expenditure of the Parent Voice levy
  • Working with College staff to promote opportunities for parents and children to engage in the learning journey together
  • Further enhancing links with Partner Parishes

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I'd like to be involved!

We invite all parents to join the Parent Voice group. Your involvement can be in whatever capacity that suits you best - whether that be attending our committee meetings (2 per term) or simply offering an hour of your time at one of our events. Any level of involvement is welcomed. Please message our Facebook page here