The College has worked diligently with external providers to select an affordable range of resources that will suitably support the students’ learning experience. Resources are available through Box of Books, please click on this link for instructions on how to set up a log in and purchase the necessary resources.

All text resources, online and hard copy, should be purchased through Box of Books. This includes Education Perfect, Mathspace, WA Stile for Science, Oxford Big Ideas for Humanities, and others. For any stationary or other items listed, families are welcome to purchase through Box of Books, or any other suitable retailer. Should you need any assistance, please contact the college via

Welcome to Box of Books

Box of Books has been chosen by your school to provide an all-in-one online ordering system for your digital and physical school supplies.

Review the quick guide how to purchase for more information

Proceed to the following steps:


Sign in with your email or phone number a the BoB Shop

Add each student, nominating their school and year group.

Select the items you wish to purchase from the booklist shown.

Use the checkout to organise postage and payment.

To ensure you receive all available items in time for the
commencement of the academic year, please order by
Friday, 8 December 2023.

Once purchased, digital texts can be accessed through the student’s Box of Books portal. We strongly recommend students sign in to Box of Books before the start of school to ensure their textbooks and publisher interactives (e.g. online quizzes) are set up prior to the commencement of term.

Please click here for more information on accessing your digital resources

NOTE: Your school email will be provided at laptop collection.