Term 1, Week 10 2023

Welcome to the final Lumen Bulletin for Term 1 2023. We are pleased to share with you the news, events, and updates from the past three weeks.

In Week 7 we celebrated math's week, during which our students participated in a range of maths quizzes, puzzles and competitions, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their skills through competing with their peers.

Week 8 was one of the highlights of the term, as we came together as a college community for several events throughout the week to celebrate Harmony Day. There was traditional dancing at break times, the chance to sample cuisines from around the world, and the opportunity to wear traditional or national dress on one of the days.

On Harmony Day, we enjoyed a beautiful Annual Community Mass, celebrated by the Auxiliary Bishop of Perth Donald Sproxton, and concelebrated by Fr Phillip Perreau, Fr Jean Noel Marie, Fr Cyprian Shikokoti and Deacon Errol Lobo.
Also during Week 8, a number of our Year 8 students had the opportunity to participate in the Synergy Solar Stem Challenge during. The students learnt how to build a solar powered car, working cooperatively to see who could create the best design. Lumen students competed against students from 16 other schools to see who could build the fastest solar powered car, and we made it to the quarterfinals!

Rounding off a busy Week 8, our swimming team represented the College at the ACC swimming carnival, competing against a number of other schools at HBF stadium. There were many impressive races completed, with all students representing the College proudly.
Week 9 was all about HASS week, with learning activities providing opportunities for students to focus on “real world contexts” and “collaboration”. Year 7 students designed their personal time capsules, which will be opened as part of the History course related to investigating continuity and change when these students are in Year 10.

As we come to the end of Term 1, I would like to wish you all a Blessed and Holy Easter and an enjoyable holiday spent with family and friends.
Karen Prendergast

Mrs Karen Prendergast
College Principal

Harmony Day Parade

HASS Amazing Race 

Maths Week

In Week 7 the College celebrated Math Week, an annual event that honours the significance and beauty of mathematics. Throughout Math Week, students were involved in a range of activities, including math quizzes, puzzles, and competitions, which allowed them to showcase their mathematical skills and compete against their peers. It was an opportunity for students to demonstrate their problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills with some students being able to recite pi to over 100 digits!

As part of Math Week, Lumen Christi College also sent four teams from Years 7-12 to the Have Sum Fun quiz night. Students had fun working together to solve challenging problems whilst competing against other schools. Well done to all students who participated in this annual event!

Overall, Math Week was a huge success and was an opportunity for the community to come together to showcase the beauty and fun of mathematics.

Thomas Davies
Teacher (Maths)

ACC Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to the Lumen Christi swimmers who represented the College at the ACC swimming carnival on Friday.

Those who swam performed to the best of their ability and showed great heart. Lumen finished in 8th place which sees us competing in ‘E’ division next year.
Some notable performances from the day were

Caitlyn Warren (U/14) who as a reserve, swam the U/17 - 100m Freestyle

Sophie Carr – finished 5th in the U/14 age championship

Jessica Kyle (Lumen Team Captain) – finished 2nd in the U/19 age championship

Oliver Ancliffe – finished 3rd in the U/14 age championship.

Craig Preshaw
Sports Coordinator

Year 8 Solar Car Competition

A group of Year 8 students ( Emma Barrow, Sofie Hubycki, Joses Thomas, Mohammah Haidari) participated in the Synergy Solar STEM Challenge on 23rd March. The students learnt how to build a solar powered car and gave up their lunchtimes to work cooperatively and came up with the best design. Lumen Christi College competed against 16 other schools to see who could build the fastest solar powered car. The students made it to the quarterfinals. Although they did not win, students showed great collaboration, persistence, and leadership. 

Trang Nguyen
Teacher - Physical Sciences

Outdoor Education Rottnest Snorkeling

We are thrilled to announce that our Year 12 students recently embarked on a snorkeling expedition to Rottnest Island, off the coast of Western Australia. This was an exciting opportunity for our students to explore the beautiful underwater world of Rottnest Island and to experience a unique and unforgettable adventure.

During the trip, our students had the opportunity to snorkel in some of the most beautiful locations on the island, such as the famous Little Salmon Bay, Salmon Bay and the Basin. They were able to observe a variety of marine life, including colourful fish, starfish, and sea urchins, and even caught glimpses of the island's famous quokkas.

The trip was also a fantastic opportunity for our students to learn about marine conservation and the importance of protecting our oceans and marine life. They were able to witness first-hand the beauty and fragility of our oceans and were encouraged to take action to help protect our planet.

Overall, the snorkeling expedition to Rottnest Island was an incredible experience for our Year 12 students, allowing them to develop their snorkeling skills, make new friends, and create unforgettable memories.

Dylan Sarolea
Outdoor Education Coordinator

Futsal World Cup

The Futsal World Cup was dreamt into life at the Student Leadership Days in 2022. It was held across Term 1 to celebrate the diverse cultures at the College. Students across all year groups formed teams and chose countries to represent.

The knockout competition was toughly contested with Afghanistan the eventual winners, playing a thrilling final against Argentina in week 9.
Daniel Sanders (MacKillop House Captain), Narges Sultani (Campbell House Captain) and David George-Coker (Sports Captain) organised the competition from start to finish, and are to be congratulated on their vision and dedication in running this project.

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

2023 HASS Week

Week 9 has been about HASS Hero’s for the Humanities and Social Science classes at the college. Activities were designed around the college Vision for Learning, “real world context” and “collaboration . Year 7 students have been designing their personal time capsules, in anticipation of opening these in the Year 10 History course investigating continuity and change.

Year 8’s created their vey own “Oreo” plate tectonics, being rewarded with an edible plate boundary. Year 9’s worked in groups to be the first to make it out the digital World War 1 escape room. The week ended in a flurry with the famous HASS Amazing Race. The winning team screaming into Mrs Pirie in a record 22 minutes!

The whole school has tested their HASS knowledge in a daily quiz during Homeroom. It was outstanding to observe the students at Lumen Christi College participating in activities taking advantage of the opportunities to collaborate and participate with enthusiasm.

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS

Mother's Day - Home Video Request

Mother’s Day - Save the Date

Just a reminder that the Mother's Day breakfast will take place on the 11th of May. . 

Aladdin Jr Production

2023 Project Compassion Donations

Donate to support Caritas Australia with their work to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity

Click here to donate

Vinnies Youth

This Term has been a busy one for the Vinnies Youth Conference here at Lumen. Conducting several meetings during breaks the students have decided on the events that will be held throughout the year. In Term one, Vinnies Youth have cooked up a storm with two soup kitchens to help the Kelmscott Conference supplying food to at least 16 people. We plan on continuing to prepare food next term. This is a valuable way we can directly help those in need in our local community.

Vinnies are gearing up for the HBF Run for a reason on May 21, 2023. Anyone in the Lumen community is still able to join our team for the HBF Run for a reason. Vinnies youth students are raising funds for Vinnies mental health services through their fundraising participation in the HBF fun run. If you are interested in joining the run or donating in support, an information email was sent earlier in the term or alternatively please contact Ms Creighton for the details.

In term two, we will be holding a Mothers’ Day stall, primarily for the Year 7 students, where they will be able to purchase gifts for their Mothers and mother figures. This will be happening Week 2 so stay tuned for what day the stall will take place.

As the winter months approach you may be cleaning out your wardrobes. Please consider donating any jumpers or blankets that still have some wear in them to the Vinnies Winter appeal. The Vinnies Youth will be coordinating an event early in the term for the donations of the jumpers.
All students are welcome to join Vinnies Youth to help with these initiatives. Vinnies Youth thanks the community for your support.

Janine Creighton
Vinnies Youth Coordinator


Harmony Day Mass

Everyday staff and students who were born in over 40 countries attend Lumen Christi College to work and to learn. It’s a diverse place where over 50 languages are spoken, and where each culture is recognised and celebrated.

Harmony Week is a special time at the College when everyone is given the opportunity to share their heritage with the community in a range of ways.

On Tuesday 21st March, Harmony Day, the College held its inaugural Harmony Day Mass. Bishop Don Sproxton celebrated the Mass for parents, students and friends of the College with 16 languages spoken and sung throughout the Mass.
“As I entered the mass, I was struck by the diverse array of flags placed at the front of the sports centre, which showed how respectful the school was to all nations. The Mass was beautifully structured, embracing many cultures throughout. When I read in my language, it felt like an honour, and I read it proudly. It was truly a sight to see such diversity in the College,” (Angel, Year 11)

Staff and students collaborated over the course of Term 1 to plan the Mass along with other Harmony Week events at the College.

For many years, Harmony Week has been a highlight of the Lumen Christi calendar. It is a colourful display of different cultures and traditions. We are blessed to have such a diverse community from which to learn and grow in respect of others.

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal

Community News


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