Websitemasters Pty Ltd is a Perth website design company, specialising in creating modern and engaging websites for organisations and companies based in Perth Metropolitan area and wider Western Australia. It is a well-renowned and experienced provider of web design services for Catholic education organisations in Perth.

Websitemasters website design Perth team worked with Lumen Christi College on creating the current website. 

A key design feature is integration of the brand element (curve) throughout the website.After reviewing six options,the school chose the current design theme for further implementation. 

Chosen custom website design has been coded to incorporate the design element, complex animations and smooth slide transitions. 

The website you are browsing is responsive. This means it can tell whether you are browsing with a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, and automatically displays the best layout for your device. 

Current website design reflects values and needs of Lumen Christi College community and we trust you find it useful and easy to use. 

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