Dear Staff, Families and Friends of Lumen Christi College,

I am writing to advise the College community that after six years of service, our Principal, Mr Darren O’Neill, has accepted the position of Principal at Trinity College, East Perth, commencing in January 2019. We congratulate Darren on this appointment and wish him every success.

Although this appointment represents a significant loss for the Lumen Christi College Community, it is important to recognise the tremendous influence Darren has had on the development of our College over the last six years. However, this also represents the opportunity to engage a new, vibrant and dedicated leader to assist our community to continue the development of College excellence to the next level. More information on the appointment of a new Principal will be communicated in due course.

A key strength of Darren has been the creation of an integrated community by focusing both inwardly and outwardly. We have reached outward to our surrounding primary schools. We have welcomed them to our College tours and matinee sessions of our College performances and we have made our facilities available to them. This has resulted in a stronger flow of students from our primary schools into the excellent pastoral and scholarship development of the College. Inwardly, Darren has constructed a strong leadership team which will serve to support the stewardship of the new Principal. Most importantly, the inward focus has been on individual performance at all levels. The Personal Performance Indicators have proven highly successful amongst students and we are observing a substantial step change in student achievement as teachers focus on quality criteria.

Another key inward focal point has been the development of our five Guiding Lights. These critical concepts focus our daily endeavours and thoughts onto common values, which we share and believe in as a Catholic community. There is no question that this helps everyone to calibrate our individual performance and we can all carry these into our personal and professional lives. The Guiding Lights will form an enduring legacy of which Darren can be proud.

So as a community, we congratulate Darren on his new appointment. We wish him well and we are grateful that we will have an enduring advocate in the broader Catholic Education WA system who has lived and breathed the factors which contribute to the success of our students.

Congratulations Darren and we pray that our Guiding Lights will stay with you and light your way with wisdom!

Yours sincerely
Dr Lincoln Morton
College Board Chairman
Lumen Christi College