Week Nine, Term Two 2024

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week Nine Bulletin. As we approach the end of an extra-long Term Two, there appears to be no signs of slowing down here at the College. Since our last Bulletin was published, we have had Lumen Day, Reconciliation Week, Languages Week, SASJ Finals, Mock Trials and our College Photo Day, just to name a few! Before the term ends, we will also hold our Interhouse Athletics Carnival, Year 8 & 9 Social, NAIDOC Week and our annual Music Concert.

2025 House and Homeroom changes

It is my pleasure to share some positive news regarding the College’s growth. Over recent years, our enrolments have increased significantly, which has resulted in our current House structure reaching its capacity. This growth is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff, students, and parents, as Lumen Christi College continues to be a place of excellence within our local community.

As we look ahead, we recognise the need to accommodate for anticipated community growth. To meet this demand, the College will be introducing two new Houses alongside our existing five Houses. These changes will take effect from 2025. Staff, students, and parents (through the Parent Voice group) have already participated in discussions regarding the implementation of these new Houses. These discussions will continue as we make final decisions regarding their patronage and colours. The community will continue to be informed through regular updates in the Lumen Bulletin.

In addition to the new Houses, we are also transitioning from a vertical to a horizontal homeroom structure. While there are numerous benefits of each pastoral model, the decision to change has been carefully considered. Under the new structure:

  • All students from a Year and House group will be in the same homeroom (eg. Year 7 Campbell)
  • Each House will have six year-group homerooms.

We believe the pastoral benefits of this change are significant. Homeroom teachers will now align with the corresponding seminar group, resulting in increased pastoral support. Our teachers will work closely with the respective Heads of Year and House Coordinators, to nurture students’ social, emotional, and spiritual development.

We believe that these adjustments will enhance the overall experience for our students and foster a stronger sense of community. Thank you for your continued support as we embrace these positive changes.

Peter Sackett
Acting College Principal

Lumen Day

College Uniform

Formal black jacket
Long sleeved shirt
Sports jumper

Now that we are experiencing colder weather more consistently, students are reminded that they must wear either the black jacket or blazer (if they are wearing the previous uniform) with their uniform. Students are not permitted to travel to and from school in the knitted red jumper or the sports jumper.

On Wednesdays, students can wear their black jacket with their House uniform, however if they have PE or Sport on that day, they must have their sports jumper (or sports jacket if wearing the previous uniform) for those classes.

Students are not permitted to wear the previous sports jacket with their formal uniform at any time, nor are they allowed to wear long sleeved shirts under their formal, House or sports shirts. All the shirts in the College’s uniform are available in both long and short sleeved options and should be worn by those requiring long sleeves for cultural or religious reasons.

Please see the College’s Uniform and Presentation Guideline if you require further clarification.

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

Music Concert

Join us for Lumen Christi College's Annual Music Concert on Wednesday, 26 June at 6:30pm.

Experience captivating performances by the Year 7-12 music classes, as well as the talented Choir and Band Ensembles from the College.

Don't miss this unforgettable musical event!

Entry is free, however bookings are essential. To book, please click here.

Anthony Price
Coordinator of Music

SASJ Season Finals

Wednesday this week was the cross over Finals of SASJ. This is where the top two schools from the East (Lumen) and West divisions face off. There are 11 schools in SASJ, so it is a very big effort to get into these finals.

Lumen Christi College had three teams playing in Finals. Our results were:

  • Year 8/9 Boys Basketball defeated Kennedy College to finish 1st of the 11 schools
  • Year 7 Girls Netball were defeated by Emmanuel College by 4 points to finish 2nd of the 11 schools.
  • Year 10 Boys Indoor Beach Volleyball defeated Seton College to finish 3rd of the 11 schools.

Congratulations to these teams and thank you to everyone who helped throughout the season.

The final rankings for our other teams were:

  • Year 7 Boys Basketball – 3rd in Eastern division
  • Year 8/9 Boys Soccer – 3rd in Eastern division
  • Year 8/9 Girls Netball – 4th in Eastern division
  • Year 10 Girls IBVB – 4th in Eastern division

Next week is the Interhouse Athletics Carnival. Year 11 & 12 students have a Twilight Carnival after school on Monday, and the whole College competes on Wednesday, 19 June.

Craig Preshaw
Sports Coordinator

Interhouse Athletics Carnival

The College looks forward to the annual Interhouse Athletics Carnival next week.

The carnival provides an opportunity to celebrate the talents of students, encourages House spirit, provides an opportunity for students to earn Cartoni Cup points and allows the College to select an ACC Representative Team.

Wearing House colours on the day is an important demonstration of House Spirit. To ensure that an appropriate level of athleticism is promoted on the day and that all students can compete safely, students are required to adhere to the following guidelines.


  • Year 7 – 11 students must wear House shirts & sport shorts/tracksuit pants. Students are permitted to embellish with coloured hair, hair ribbons, zinc or face paint if they wish. No other accessories or costumes permitted. Students may wear College coloured hats.
  • Year 12s – Students must wear House shirts & sport shorts/tracksuit pants. In addition to options above, Year 12s are also permitted to embellish with additional coloured accessories, if they wish. No other full costumes other than one House mascot.


    • Coloured Hair is defined as hair sprayed to a different colour for the day only.
    • Accessories for Year 12s are defined as removeable items that do not significantly impede participation e.g. bandanas, wigs, tutus, coloured socks, tights, glasses, hats, hoola shirts, wigs, fairy wings, scarves, headbands, etc
    • Accessories that are likely to come loose, impede participation, or create rubbish during an event must not be worn during competition. E.g. wigs, tutus, streamers.
    • Full costumes which are not permitted (other than one House mascot) are defined as non-uniform clothing items. e.g. onesies, boiler suits, jackets, overalls, substituting uniform for an alternate shirt or pants, etc.
    • All students to wear their House shirt and shorts/tracksuits, at all times.

Year 11 Children Family and Community

Helping Out - Care Bags

Year 11 Children, Family and the Community (CFC) students have recently completed an assessment project based on the concept of “Helping Out”. For this project the students planned and produced a care package for an individual in crisis. “Care Bags” is a Western Australian organisation that aims to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in care and at risk within our community. The charity aims to make these children feel valued and cared for by their community by providing backpacks filled with essential items to support children through their first days in care. Our students selected developmentally and age-appropriate items for the care bags, demonstrating their knowledge of child growth and development.

Allison Gleadhill
Teacher – Home Economics

Mock Trial Competition

The final Mock Trial round was held this week and our two teams, Legally Lumen and Lumen and Order, worked very hard to prepare for their cases and came close to winning against the two teams from St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School.

Congratulations go to both teams for their dedication and commitment to the competition. Throughout the competition, the new Year 10s displayed initiative and hard work to learn different roles with several taking on Barrister roles. Thanks go to the returning students from Year 11 and 12 who undertook their roles with professionalism but also mentored the new students.

Many thanks also to the teachers who assisted with meetings and supervised students during the three rounds.

Information on the 2025 Mock Trial Competition will be released early next year. This competition is open to students from Years 10-12.

Peta Handley
Teacher - HASS


Lumen recently celebrated HASS Week, a fantastic exploration of history, culture and economics. Across different year levels, students engaged in captivating activities that bridged the gap between textbooks and real-world experiences. Each day started with a Homeroom quiz on all things HASS.

In Year 7, students turned personal historians by creating a time capsule. They filled it with personal mementos, pictures, and predictions, connecting their own future lives to their past. Meanwhile, Year 8s channelled their inner medieval architects during the castle building competition in Minecraft. Year 9 students delved into history through food. Inspired by the foods eaten by soldiers on the frontlines of World War I, they sampled hardtack biscuits, trench stew, plum jam and ANZAC biscuits. Finally, Year 10s participated in the Amazing Race, deciphering clues and navigating landmarks across the school grounds.

It was a great week for all involved, a special thank you to the hard work of the HASS department for their organisation of all the activities.

HASS Department

VET Out and About 

Beau Scott
Louise Vinciguerra
Samantha McKennay and Glory Stephen

I have had the privilege to go out and visit some of our Year 12 Certificate IV in Education Support students on their work placements and Year 11  Certificate III in Events students. I was proud to see that they are doing a fantastic job, and their mentor teachers and lecturers are pleased to have them on board. Well done to all students!

  • Beau Scott – St John Bosco College
  • Louise Vinciguerra – St John Bosco College
  • Samantha McKennay – Certificate III in Events (SMTAFE)
  • Glory Stephen – Certificate III in Events (SMTAFE)

Alumni 2022

2022 Alumni student Cooper Smith has been offered employment at St John Bosco College, working as a full-time Education Assistant. Cooper completed a Certificate IV in Education Support at the Fremantle Education Centre while studying in Year 12. Congratulations on this excellent achievement!

Rosa Nicholls
Head of VET and Transition Services

Cooper Smith

Languages Week

Languages Week at Lumen Christi College was a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity and linguistic heritage, filled with engaging activities and delicious treats. Each day kicked off with a Homeroom Quiz testing students' cultural knowledge.

Tuesday featured a crowd-pleasing pizza feast, with students and staff who pre-ordered enjoying pizzas from Ben Luvish of FreoPizza. Wednesday brought a taste of Italy with a delightful spread of biscuits and cannoli, and a highlight performance by Frank the Accordion Man. His traditional and contemporary tunes created a festive atmosphere, encouraging students to dance and sing along.

On Thursday, the celebration continued with a refreshing gelato treat from Il Gelato. The creamy, flavourful gelato was a hit, offering a perfect way to cool down and enjoy the moment. This day of indulgence highlighted the sweet side of cultural exploration.

The grand finale on Friday was a Cultural Talent Quest, where students and staff showcased diverse talents in the Jubilee Gardens. Performances ranged from traditional dances to modern songs, entertaining and educating the audience about the various cultures represented in our school community.

Languages Week was a resounding success, fostering an appreciation for different cultures and languages while creating lasting memories for everyone involved. The combination of delicious food, engaging performances, and community spirit made it an unforgettable event.

Anita Saftich
Coordinator of Languages

Year 11 and 12 Workshops

During the recent exam break, the Year 11 and 12s had the opportunity to undertake a range of workshops including First Aid, Barista, White Card, Makeup and a RAC Car Safety Workshop.

Students learnt valuable skills that not only are transferable when entering the workforce, it also gave them a taste of possible career pathways.

We have had positive student feedback, and look forward to running similar workshops in the future.

Peta Handley
Careers Coordinator

Building Resilience in Your Teenager

Resilience is an important quality for your child to have. Those who have higher levels of resilience are better able to bounce back from failures and setbacks, which are bound to happen in life, and report higher levels of life satisfaction. Please see the following article for more information on how to build resilience in your teen.

How to build resilience in your teenager

Vanessa Mirco

Catch Up Photo Day - Tuesday 18 June

A reminder to all families that Catch Up Photo Day is on Tuesday, 18 June. Any student who was absent for the College Photo Day earlier this week must attend the Catch Up Photo Day to have their photograph taken.


Monday, 17 JuneTwilight Interhouse Athletics Carnival (Year 11 & 12 students)
Tuesday, 18 JuneCatch Up Photo Day
Wednesday, 19 JuneInterhouse Athletics Carnival
Thursday, 20 JuneYear 7 & 8 Languages Incursion
Friday, 21 JuneDiversity AFL Carnival
 Year 8 & 9 Social - 3:30-5:30pm
Monday, 24 June - Friday, 28 JuneNAIDOC Week
Wednesday, 26 JuneAnnual Music Concert
Thursday, 27 JuneLast Day of Term Two

Year 7 2025 Sibling Enrolments

A reminder to all families with a child who they wish to enrol for Year 7, 2025 that enrolments are filling fast. If you are yet to submit your enrolment application, please do so here.