Week Four, Term Two 2024

From the Principal

Welcome to our Week Four Bulletin. As is often the case, the last fortnight has been full of exciting events and learning opportunities here at the College. From the Year 10 Retreat to the Year 9 Drama incursion, the Diversity Education Sport Day, the Year 7 and 8 Lightning Carnivals, SASJ and most recently, our Mothers’ Day Breakfast, the College has been a hive of activity!

Unfortunately, due to undergoing unscheduled surgery last week, I was not able to attend the Mothers’ Day Breakfast Service yesterday, but I heard that it was a wonderful success with over 500 in attendance. The morning was spent celebrating our mothers and mother-figures, with readings and prayers, a shared breakfast and a beautiful slideshow of our ‘Lumen Mums’. It was also heartening to have so many student and staff helpers volunteer their time to serve breakfast, hand out gifts and participate in the readings and prayers. I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the service and I wish everyone a very happy Mothers’ Day on Sunday.

A large number of our Year 12 students have spent the last week completing their Externally Set Task (ESTs), and these will continue next week. Year 11 and 12 ATAR students are also busily preparing for their Semester One examinations which commence in Week Six. I wish our senior students all the best for these important academic assessments.

Recently, the College received news that Fr Philip will be moving to a new Parish next month. As the Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish, Gosnells, Fr Philip is familiar with many families within the College and plays an important role as conduit between the Parish and the College for many students. Fr Philip has faithfully served Lumen Christi College since 2019, presiding at our Masses and liturgies, attending college events and serving as a member of the College Advisory Council. His service extends beyond the pastoral care of staff and students to his advocacy for Lumen Christi. We thank Fr Philip for his service to our college and wish him all the very best in his new Parish. The new priest at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish will be Fr Brennan Sia, who is currently serving in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Parish. We welcome Fr Brennan to the Lumen Community.

God Bless.

Karen Prendergast

Fr Philip

Mothers' Day Breakfast

Each year we gather as a College to recognise the mothers and mother-figures in our lives. The gathering serves as an opportunity to celebrate the love, commitment and sacrifice mothers make for their children each day and to pray for continued blessings on them. On Thursday, over 500 people gathered in the Sports Centre to celebrate these special women who provide support and encouragement to their children. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to chat and share breakfast with one another.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s event a great success and to the College’s Parent Voice who generously funded a small Mothers' Day gift for those who attended.

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

Year 10 Emmaus Retreat

Last week, our Year 10 students participated in their Emmaus Retreat which was led by the Perth Youth Mission Team. Through their involvement in competitive games, hilarious skits, small group discussions, and other activities, students explored the complex theme of relationships and learnt about the beauty of growing our relationship with each other and with God.

Jerome Dueman
College Chaplain

Year 7 Science Collaboration

During Science lessons in Weeks Three and Four, the Year 7 students have been working through a Water Cycle Collaboration Task.

Students have had choice in which topic they investigated. As well as learning content, students have been explicitly taught the Lumen Collaboration skills. Students were assigned group roles: the Artist, the Detective and the Soldier, where they used their character strengths to support their contribution to the task. Students learnt how to communicate effectively; including skills like active listening and how to disagree respectfully. Students will also complete a reflection on both their contribution and the contribution of others to the task.

Ms Kylie Paskov created this engaging learning opportunity and the collaboration rubric attached to the task will help inform Science teachers' reporting on the Learning Behaviours at the end of Term Two.

Thank you to the Science teachers for facilitating such an engaging and worthwhile learning activity.

Margarita Tranquille
Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning

P.A.R.T.Y Excursion to Midland Hospital

On Friday, 26 April a number of Year 11 and 12 students attended St John of God Hospital in Midland to take part in the Prevent Trauma and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth program.

The students participated in an informative and practical day in the Hospital’s Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and Rehabilitation Centre. They gained knowledge of injury rehabilitation, especially where drugs/alcohol or risk-taking behaviour was a contributing factor and could lead to a reduction in related trauma incidences. The purpose of the program is to empower teenagers to recognise and analyse their behaviour, choices, and decision-making.

The students had the opportunity to take on the roles of different nurses and doctors when presented with a case of a traumatic injury. They also had the opportunity to try the different activities that take place in the physiology ward for rehabilitation and listen to firsthand accounts of people who have been impacted by trauma and injury due to risk taking in the past.

Overall, the students enjoyed the day and learnt some valuable lessons that can be implemented throughout their lives.

Ana Frankovic
Head of Year 9

ACC Inclusive Sports Multi Sports Day

On Friday, 3 May the ACC Inclusive Sports Team travelled to Alderbury Reserve in Floreat to take part in a Multi Sports Day. Many sporting groups set up skills and modified games so that the students could experience all types of sports. Some of the sports were: volleyball, basketball, netball, soccer, rugby AFL, and Indigenous games run by the Stephen Michael Foundation.

The students represented Lumen Christi College with pride and effort and were fully engaged throughout the day. A well-deserved ice-cream was enjoyed on the bus trip back to school.

Gina Broderick
Coordinator of Education Support

Year 9 Drama Commedia Dell’Arte Incursion

On Thursday, 2 May our Year 9 Drama students embarked on an invaluable half-day workshop exploring the vibrant world of Commedia Dell'Arte. Led by industry professionals at IntoTheMask Theatre Company, this immersive workshop opened doors to a realm of creativity, expression, and theatrical exploration.

Throughout the workshop, students immersed themselves in the rich traditions of Commedia Dell'Arte. Shane, from IntoTheMask, provided expert guidance and students embraced the challenge of developing clear characters, crafting dynamic scenarios, and mastering the art of physical expression. From the boisterous antics of the "zanni" character, students embraced the exaggerated gestures and larger-than-life personas that define Commedia Dell'Arte, and expertly developed their skills in mask wearing and slapstick comedy.

We are immensely proud of our Year 9 drama students for their dedication, maturity and enthusiasm throughout this experience and we look forward to seeing their final Commedia Dell’Arte performance in class later this term.  

Kara Beatty
Drama Teacher

Mentorship Program

Over the last two weeks, Year 11 students have had the opportunity to mentor and guide the Year 7s through the mentorship program based around the resilience project journals. This has been an excellent opportunity for our Year 11s to teach the benefits and approaches to gratitude, emotional regulation/literacy and mindfulness and for Year 7s to seek support in these areas. 

The students will meet again in Week 11.

James Castiello
Head of Year 7

VET Out and About 

Hallemia Jansen, Charli Ruane, Kiara Archibald, Fatiha Enilari, Tendi Chehore
Makhi Dagnall

As the Head of VET and Transition Services, I often visit our VET students while they are 'out and about' completing their VET coursework and practical training.

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Senior students Hallemia Jansen, Charli Ruane, Kiara Archibald, Fatiha Enilari and Tendi Chehore, who are all studying their Certificate III in Community Services at Fremantle Education Centre.

Also at Fremantle Education Centre was Year 12 student, Makhi Dagnall who is currently completing his Certificate IV in Business.   

Rosa Nicholls
Head of VET and Transition Services

VET Spotlight

Kalen Wladyka and Romane Noel
Harrison Webb

Kalen Wladyka - Well done on being offered a full-time position with Reece Group through his Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations School Based Traineeship.

Romane Noel - Well done on being offered a full-time position with Reece Group through his Certificate II in Supply Chain Operations School Based Traineeship.

Harrison Webb - Well done on being offered a Commercial Electrical apprenticeship at Cable8 through Workplace Learning.

Certificate III in Music Industry

On Thursday, 9 May staff and students were treated to a live performance by the Certificate III in Music students during break 2. It was a fantastic performance, enjoyed by all.

Rosa Nicholls & Anthony Price

Perth SkillsWest Careers & Employment Expo 2024

Western Australia’s largest Careers & Employment Event is open from July 25 to 27 at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre. The Expo will host over 160 organisations and employers with career opportunities for all ages. Entry is free.

The event is for school students, parents, teachers, graduates, job seekers, people looking for courses and workers seeking new opportunities.

Find out more

Career News

University applications for 2025 are now open

TISC has now opened, and students are able to begin their university applications for 2025. Students applying for Curtin, Murdoch, ECU and UWA must apply through TISC. For students wishing to attend Notre Dame can either apply direct to the university or through TISC. Early offers will begin on the 2 September 2024.

ECU Engineering Scholarships

ECU are offering $20,000 Engineering Scholarships for 2025. Students must be studying Maths Methods and Physics or Chemistry or Maths Specialist. The scholarship is paid over four years e.g. $5000 per year. For more information, please go to www.ecu.edu.au/scholarships/engineering-excellence

Medicine at Curtin?

Any students wishing to study medicine at Curtin will need to complete the UCAT test and the online Casper test. The Casper test is available on the following dates: 26 May, 23 June and 8 August. For more information, please go to Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery | Curtin University

A webinar for the Casper test is on 11 May between 3-7pm. Please register at Casper Test Preparation - Comprehensive webinar - NIE: UCAT and Interview Preparation Experts

New Murdoch University entry pathway

Murdoch have announced a new Experience Based Entry. This is now available for most courses with a selection rank of 70 with the exception of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine. To meet the requirements Year 12 students will need: Passes in 3 ATAR subjects or ‘B’ grades in 3 General subjects or a combination of both. A Cert III can be used in lieu of an ATAR or General subject. Students will also need to have experience either paid employment, work experience, volunteering, coaching, umpiring, mentoring and holding a position of responsibility. All experiences will need to be supported by references. For more information, please go to Experienced based entry | Pathways to uni | Murdoch University

Peta Handley
Careers Coordinator

Young Vinnies

At Lumen Christi College we are proud to be a part of the Young Vinnies program, a wonderful initiative that fosters community engagement and charity work among our students.

We encourage students to join us for our fortnightly soup kitchen on Mondays after school. It's a fantastic opportunity for them to contribute positively to the community while developing important life skills.

In addition, we have some exciting events coming up that we would love your support with

  • We are currently collecting second-hand clothes for our Lumen Day Thrift Shop and the upcoming teachers' Fashion Parade on 31 May. Donations should be clean and presentable, ready to be sold. The deadline for donations is 29 May.
  • We are running our Winter Appeal and The Blanket Challenge, collecting non-perishable food items and blankets. The blankets should also be presentable. Your generosity in donating these items will make a significant difference to those in need during the colder months.

For any inquiries or donations, please contact Jerome at jerome.dueman@cewa.edu.au

Jerome Dueman
College Chaplain

What Parents Need To Know About Happy Brain Chemicals

Understanding feel-good chemicals is crucial for supporting children's mental well-being. Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin play key roles in regulating mood and promoting happiness.

Dopamine: Known as the "feel-good" chemical, dopamine is released when children achieve goals or experience pleasure. Parents can encourage positive behaviours by celebrating achievements together, rather than relying on quick dopamine hits from activities like prolonged social media use.

Serotonin: Serotonin, the "happiness" neurotransmitter, is boosted by healthy habits like exercise, good sleep, and balanced nutrition. Caregivers should encourage more outdoor play, face-to-face interactions, and activities that bring joy without excessive reliance on screens, which can lower serotonin levels.

Endorphins: Endorphins are natural painkillers released during physical activity or exciting moments. Caregivers can promote outdoor play, family walks, or trying new hobbies to increase endorphin levels, counteracting the negative effects of inactive behaviours like excessive gaming.

Oxytocin: Oxytocin, the "love hormone," strengthens relationships and fosters connection. Parents can prioritise family bonding activities like game nights and shared meals, as well as positive interactions with peers and pets, to boost oxytocin levels and create a supportive environment at home.

By understanding the interlink between our body chemicals and our wellbeing, we can promote positive activities and routines, which can help our children build healthy habits, regulate their moods, and enhance their overall well-being, For further information on our mood chemicals, check out this guide  

Yan Jin
College Counsellor


Monday, 13 May - Friday, 17 MayYear 12 ESTs continue
Monday, 13 MayYear 10 Drama & Dance Excursion 
Tuesday, 14 MayHASS Mock Trials
Wednesday, 15 MaySASJ
 Year 7 Waterwise Incursion
Friday, 17 MayHomeroom Mass - S3S & S4S
 Year 7 GEM Day
Monday, 20 May - Friday, 24 MayHASS Week
 Year 11 & 12 Exams 
 Year 11 & 12 VTAFE Work placements
Wednesday, 22 MaySASJ 
Wednesday, 22 May - Thursday 23 MayYear 10 Vaccinations 
Wednesday, 22 May - Friday 24 MayYear 11 & 12 Work Skills Program
Friday, 24 MayACC ISP AFL Coaching Incursion
 Sorry Day event
 Year 7 Poetry in Action Incursion

Year 7 2025 Sibling Enrolments

A reminder to all families with a child who they wish to enrol for Year 7, 2025 that enrolments are filling fast. If you are yet to submit your enrolment application, please do so here.

Community News

Vitality Academy

Based in the heart of Kenwick, we proudly stand as Perth's only Dance Academy offering Stage programs, All Star Cheer and Dance and Recreational classes! 

Founded by two dynamic young women, Alex and Chloe, whose passion and expertise culminate in over 20 years of teaching experience combined, Vitality Academy is more than just a studio. We believe in the power of community, offering free trial classes to welcome newcomers into our vibrant home. 

At Vitality, we're not just teaching fun classes; we're nurturing connections and fostering growth, both on and off the floor. 

Join us at Vitality Academy and be all you can be!

Alex & Chloe
Directors of Vitality Academy