Term 3, Week 4 2023

Welcome to the week 4 bulletin. It’s good to be back at the College after enjoying some long service leave, and hearing about all the great things that have been happening during the first few weeks of Term 3.

Over the past two weeks, various events have taken place including the Year 12 Canoe Excursion, the HASS UN EVATT Competition, the Talk Money Incursion, and a Year 12 Geography Excursion.

Last week, our Year 12 Outdoor Education students had the opportunity to canoe along the Canning River, an experience which encouraged team building as well as developing perseverance. This experience was in preparation for their upcoming expedition to the Blackwood River.

On Friday, we held the UN Evatt Competition in our Discovery Centre. Students from various schools and colleges across Perth participated in a mock debate, in which students represented the views of people from various countries around the world. This debate allowed the students to consider ethical solutions to international conflicts. The experience fostered an environment in which students could resolve and debate international issues in a creative and engaging manner with their peers.

We are currently enrolling students for the 2024 and 2025 academic years. I’d like to remind parents that applications for siblings, particularly for a 2024 start, should be submitted as soon as possible as places are filling up quickly. For information about the enrolment process please contact Enrol at Lumen

I hope that you enjoy reading about the exciting events in which our students have participated over the past 2 weeks.

Mrs Karen Prendergast
College Principal

Outdoor Education

In the Year 12 Canoeing Excursion along the Canning River, students embarked on an outdoor adventure filled with challenges and natural beauty. The excursion started in Cannington and involved paddling along the picturesque Canning River up to Shelley Bridge, providing an opportunity for students to develop teamwork and communication skills. The excursion is in preparation for their 3-day expedition in Week 6 along the Blackwood River where they will face challenging white-water rapids.

Dylan Sarolea
Health and Physical Education Teacher / Outdoor Education Coordinator

HASS UN Evatt Competition

On Friday 4th of August, Lumen Christi College hosted teams from Mazenod College, Aquinas College, Aranmore Catholic College, Guildford Grammar, Perth Modern, Fremantle College and John Curtin College of the Arts for the HASS Evatt UN Competition. The Evatt Trophy Competition engages high school students in world affairs and issues through debating mock Security Council resolutions from the position of an assigned country.

In pairs, delegates were assigned a country and one resolution a week prior to the competition. They developed their stance on the prepared resolution from the perspective of their assigned country. On the day of their round, they debated, amended, and finally voted on the prepared resolution. The resolution was on the ethically use of government management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also one impromptu resolution, conflict in international air spaces.

The competition provided a forum for students to meet other like-minded students and develop their public speaking and negotiation skills. It fosters learning through a non-teaching environment and creates a positive and empowering experience for students who are interested in international relations, politics, and world affairs.

Jas Singh
Teacher – HASS

HASS Talk Money Incursion

Over the course of Week 2 and 3, the Year 7s - 10s were fortunate to have two Talk Money Workshops presented by the Ectrsa Foundation.

The Talk Money initiative has been specifically designed to aid children in Australia with acquiring essential financial skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. By providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for effective money management, this program empowers children to make informed financial choices that will benefit them both in the present and the future. Ultimately, Talk Money aims to instil confidence in children when it comes to handling money, setting them up for financial success in the long term.

Jas Singh
Teacher - HASS

Year 12 ATAR Geography Excursion

Students pounded the pavement with over 12,000 steps to explore and investigate the site, situation, morphology, and challenge of transportation in Perth. Through fieldwork, collection of data, sketch maps and evaluation of change over time, students have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges of Perth Metropolitan region. The big question, is Perth sustainable and liveable?

Marrissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area – HASS

Helping Out - Care Bags

Year 11 Children, Family and the Community (CFC) students have recently completed an assessment project based on the concept of “Helping Out”. For this project the students planned and produced a care package for an individual in crisis. “Care Bags” is a Western Australian organisation aiming to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in care and at risk within our community. The charity aims to make these children feel valued and cared for by their community by providing back packs filled with essential items to support children through their first days in care. Our students selected developmentally, and age-appropriate items for the care bags, demonstrating their knowledge of child growth and development.

The bags have been collected by Rhona from Care Bags, who is a past student of Lumen (Class of 93).


Allison Gleadhill
Teacher – Home Economics

Diversity Carnival

On Friday 4/8/23, two teams of enthusiastic students competed in soccer carnivals. An Indoor Carnival was held at Lords Recreation Centre in Subiaco. Stand out performances by Joe Tumun Taie and Ella Thompson (in her speedy electric chair), ensured the Lumen Legends were competitive and finished with a number of wins.

The Outdoor Carnival, held at Pat Goodridge Reserve in Wembley, resulted in the Lumen Rockets finishing second. All members of this team displayed great sportsmanship, at one point helping the scoreless opposition score 2 goals. A well-deserved ice cream on the bus trip back to school was enjoyed by everyone.

Gina Broderick
Teacher – Learning Support

Vinnies Youth Conference Corner

Once a fortnight our students cook up a storm to help the Kelmscott Vinnies Conference with their soup kitchen. Last Wednesday I was fortunate to be able to see first-hand where the food we cook ends up and how it is ‘served’. I am so proud of our community helping to feed the families and many disadvantaged in our local area who really do need a helping hand. For some it is their only hot meal for the week.

We are gearing up for the Vinnies Sleepout for the homeless in Week 5. There are 46 brave students willing to forgo the comfort of their bed and sleep rough for a night under the stars. Guest speakers from St Vincent De Paul Conferences in the area will speak on the homeless situation in Kelmscott and the situations that homeless teenagers can face.

As is the case for homeless people, on the evening the students are relying on donations to be feed. They will be cooking their own soup for dinner, ingredients sourced from donations and a light breakfast the following morning also sourced from donations.

The students will be raising awareness and fundraising for the Homeless as a part of this event.

Community members can support the Vinnies Youth sleepout event in several ways:
       • Making a monetary donation please click here Donate to Sleepout every little bit helps
       • Donating food for the ‘Lumen Homeless’ - donations of Up and &Go’s for breakfast or juice boxes are welcomed. Any excess will be donated to Kelmscott Vinnies to distribute.
       • Donating tinned tomatoes, red kidney beans, shell pasta, minced garlic, beef liquid stock
       • Donating next week, bacon, carrots, celery and potatoes
       • Donating any long life pantry items which will be donated to Kelmscott Vinnies
       • Purchasing a fundraising chocolate
Please send any donations into Student services or B block. Thank you for your support of this event.

Coming events

Vinnies Youth look forward to continuing to provide a service to the community with the following events:

Week 5 - Friday 18 August cooking for sleepout and soup kitchen
Week 6 - 22 August Father’s Day stall
Week 6 - 23 August Soup Kitchen
Week 8 - 6 September Soup Kitchen
Week’s 8 – 10 Back to school appeal (mainly Year 12s)

If you are interested in supporting, participating or joining the Vinnies Youth Conference here at Lumen watch the daily notices for more information. Students are welcome to come and chat to Ms Creighton in B block at any time.

Janine Creighton
Vinnies Youth Coordinator

Staff Welcome

“Kaya, my name is Kirsten Cox and I am pleased to introduce myself as the new Aboriginal Liaison Officer at Lumen Christi College.

I am a Nyoongar Woman born on Wadjuk country with connections to Ballardong country and the Loo and Kickett families.

I have experience working in multiple schools and Aboriginal Organisations, with a background in sports and fitness.

I look forward to working with the Lumen community, to ensure cultural safety, awareness, sharing my cultural knowledge with the students and learning about theirs.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students were invited to join the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support team for lunch to celebrate. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day on Friday 4th August 2023

During break 2, 21 students visited, enjoying a range of traditional foods and snacks, meeting the new Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Kirsten, and being introduced to other students in the school.
Special thanks to our Aboriginal Teaching Assistant, Temika, Miss Watson, and Mrs Marrell for helping to organise the lunch. It was a great success!

Kirsten Cox
Aboriginal Liaison Officer


As the year 12 students start preparing for graduation and embark on the journey beyond high school, a world of possibilities awaits you all. It's an exciting time to envision your future pathways.

A few open nights and Big Days are coming up that give students a glimpse of what to expect after school, and some students may be thinking about TAFE applications or entering the workforce.

Important Future Events:
Murdoch | Open Nights: Nursing

August 23, 2023

Join us at Murdoch University’s South Street Campus and discover your future career in Nursing.
Gain hands-on experience as we take you on a tour though the state-of-the-art facilities including our Simulation Lab.

The Simulation lab is modelled off a real-life hospital ward and provides Nursing students with an immersive experience whilst gaining confidence in their nursing skills.
Take part in a vitals workshop, meet our High Fidelity Sim Man and learn about clinical care, under the guidance of experienced staff.

Find out more

Murdoch | Open Nights: STEM, Environmental & Life Sciences

August 24, 2023

Join us for a night of innovation, as we explore how a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics degree from Murdoch University equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to solve complex problems, think critically, and adapt to new technologies. Murdoch’s degrees are designed by specialist academics and industry partners to ensure that our students are prepared for emerging industry and global trends.

Experience our new building, Boola Katitjin, as you visit exciting expo stalls from each of our course areas and engage with speakers throughout the evening by attending our TEDx style 10 minute information sessions.

Find out more

Murdoch | Open Nights: Business, Law, Education, Humanities & Arts

August 29, 2023

Join us to see how a degree from Murdoch University could inspire you to use the power of analysis, communication, creativity, and storytelling to challenge the way we think about, look at and understand the world. Murdoch’s degrees are designed by specialist academics and industry partners to ensure that our students are prepared for emerging industry and global trends.

Experience our new building, Boola Katitjin, as you visit exciting expo stalls from each of our course areas and engage with speakers throughout the evening by attending our TEDx style 10 minute information sessions.

Find out more

Murdoch | Open Nights: Health & Education

August 30, 2023

Join us to see how a degree from Murdoch University can prepare you for a career within health industries or teaching the next generation of thinkers. Learn how you can use your passion for sport, rehabilitation language, science, leadership and compassion to improve the lives of others. Murdoch’s degrees are designed by specialist academics and industry partners to ensure that our students are prepared for emerging industry and global trends.

Experience our new building, Boola Katitjin, as you visit exciting expo stalls from each of our course areas and engage with speakers throughout the evening by attending our TEDx style 10 minute information sessions.

Find out more

BiG Day In Perth

September 5, 2023

Join us at Curtin University on Tuesday 5 September for the 2023 BiG Day In Perth. Bring your Year 9-12 students to hear from organisations such as Technology One, Microsoft, Westpac, BHP, Avanade Australia and loads more about where a STEM career can take you.

Find out more

Rosa Nicholls
Careers Coordinator

If you're considering a trade, a vocational course, or any other TAFE program, TAFE main intake applications open on the 1st September. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to discuss your options, please make an appointment to see Mrs Voola who can assist you with the process.

Apply for the ATO School Leaver Program
If you’re a 2022–23 year 12 graduate, the ATO School Leaver Program can kick-start your career. You’ll receive:

     • a competitive salary
     • practical hands-on work experience
     • formal training, including a Certificate III qualification in IT or business.

At the ATO, you’ll do work that matters. Be part of an organisation that:

     • combats crime and fraud
     • administers programs to support the community
     • protects the data of millions of people.

Applications for the 2024 program open from 2 August and will close 30 August 2023.
Find out more and apply here.

Katherine Voola
Head of Vet and Transition



Tuesday, 15 August Whole School Mass
Wednesday, 16 AugustYears 7, 8 and 9 Subject Selection Seminar
Thursday, 17 AugustYear 7 Retreat and Social Emotional Wellbeing Day
Friday, 18 AugustVinnies Youth Winter Sleepout
Friday, 18 AugustWorld Cup Jersey Day
Monday, 21 AugustWhole School Book Week Costume Day
Tuesday, 22 AugustYear 12 Outdoor Education Canoeing Expedition
Thursday, 24 AugustYear 11 River Cruise
Friday, 25 AugustStudent Free Day