Term 2, Week 8 2023

A warm welcome to the Week 8 Lumen Bulletin. As always, we’re happy to have the opportunity to share with you some of the highlights of the past two weeks.
Since the last bulletin, a number of events have taken place across the College. With Lumen Day taking place on Friday 9th of June, students and staff had the opportunity to come together to celebrate the College’s 39th birthday. Throughout the day, we had fun participating in, and watching, a variety of activities. Carry on reading to find out more!

Last Friday, the Lumen Legends participated in the ACC Inclusive AFL Carnival. They all played well and represented the College beautifully. Congratulations to all those who took part in this event.

Another event of note was the Vinnies Winter Jumper Appeal which included students from each house building a ‘tower’ of jumpers in the Jubilee Gardens. These jumpers will be donated to Vinnies who will distribute them to those in need of some warm clothing this winter.

As we enter the final two weeks of term, there are a number of significant college events taking place. Next week, we have our college photo day on Tuesday 20th of June. We also have the Interhouse Athletics Twilight Carnival on Monday 19th of June and the full Interhouse Athletics Carnival on Wednesday the 21st June. During week 10, our annual Music Showcase takes place giving us the opportunity to see our talented students sharing their skills as they perform for us.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and students for their participation and efforts throughout the past two weeks. Please enjoy reading this edition of the Lumen Bulletin.


Mrs Karen Prendergast
College Principal

Lumen Day

On Friday, 2 June the College held its annual Lumen Day celebrations.

Each year we gather to celebrate life at Lumen and raise money for the charitable organisations the College supports. This year, all proceeds from the day will be given to Vinnies.

Fr Philip Perreau joined us to celebrate the Eucharist to open the day, which was followed by the SLT video with a teacher swap theme. Across the remainder of the day students had the opportunity to watch their teachers in action against the Year 12s in the Principal’s Cup soccer match, run and support the Homeroom stalls with great foods and games and to support their peers at the annual Talent Show.

It was an exciting and entertaining day that was enjoyed by all (potentially not the teachers who were slimed or dunked in the dunk tank).

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

ACC Inclusive AFL Carnival

On Friday 9th June, the enthusiastic ACC Inclusive AFL Team took part in an AFL carnival. The students participated in a rotation of skills. The Lumen students shone at these skills, having had coaching from Ben Moncrieff in the weeks leading up to the carnival.

The Lumen Legends then took to the field and despite the rain won all 3 games and made it into the semi-final. These games were played with tenacity and sportsmanship. Although Lumen Legends did not make the final they stood in the rain and cheered the grand final teams.

Mr Sackett presented the winning shield, participation certificates and man of the match. Joe Tumun Taie took out this award and we congratulate him on this great achievement.

Gina Broderick
Teacher (Learning Support)

Vinnies Youth Conference Corner

The Vinnies Youth at Lumen continue to work on providing services to our local Kelmscott Vinnies conference and the wider community. Fortnightly we provided cooked meals for the Kelmscott Soup kitchen. We have been told our cooking has improved and the Bacon Carbonara we cook is a hit!

Winter Jumper Appeal
On Tuesday this week we concluded the Winter jumper appeal with a tower building competition in the Jubilee Gardens. The winning house was Salvado, building a tower just taller than Jesse! Campbell, after some adjustments were made for creative tower building, came second, Tangney third, Yagan fourth and McKillop in fifth place. Well done to the house captains for their tower building expertise and to Jesse for being a good sport as our ‘height’ gauge. All jumpers will be donated to the Kelmscott Vinnies Conference for distribution to those in need.

Fashion parade
On Lumen Day, not only did we hold a stall selling chocolates and lollies towards the Winter appeal, we conducted the annual Vinnies fashion parade during the Talent Show. This year we had a group of keen Year 12 students modelling the donated clothing along with the staff models. Thank you to the members of our community for the donations which will now be passed on to Vinnies. 

Year 9 HASS
We have been informed that the ‘pantry’ is running low for Vinnies to support those in our community. Although we provide much needed food support at Christmas time the requests for food assistance and grocery items is ongoing throughout the year. The Year 9 students are currently engaging in a food security activity during their HaSS classes this term, linking the ‘real life’ need for food security with the curriculum. If your child is not in Year 9 and you wish to add to this collection, donations are very welcome and can be dropped at student services. 

Upcoming events
Next term, the Vinnies Youth look forward to continuing to provide a service to the community with a Father’s Day stall, the Winter Sleepout, Back to School Appeal (mainly Year 12s), and soup kitchens.
If you are interested in supporting, participating or joining the Vinnies Youth Conference here at Lumen watch the daily notices for more information. Students are welcome to come and chat to Ms Creighton in B block at any time.

Janine Creighton
Vinnies Youth Coordinator


UWA | Experience UWA – Years 10, 11 and 12
July 5, 2023
Are you in Year 10, 11 or 12? Join us on campus on Wednesday 5 July from 10am to 2pm for Experience UWA. Explore UWA’s diverse courses, vibrant campus life and range of entry pathways.
Take a deep dive into your area of interest with a campus tour, where you’ll visit teaching facilities, find out about hands on learning and chat with our staff and students to get all your questions answered.
Lunch will be provided by UWA.
Find out more

Curtin | DISCOVER – Holiday STEM Program
July 11 to July 13, 2023
DISCOVER is a three-day program delivered by a team of friendly STEM-passionate people, from student leaders to our expert staff, and gives students the chance to meet a Curtin innovator and get an insight into their research. It is held at Curtin University’s Bentley Campus.
The program targets students in Year 9 and 10 who have an interest in science or engineering, and would like to find out more about the many rewarding careers in STEM.
Students can have fun whilst exploring the fields that are important to the State of WA: mining and energy; health and medical science; agriculture and environment; space and technology.
Find out more

Rosa Nicholls
Careers Coordinator


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