Term 2, Week 4 2023

Welcome to our Week 4 Bulletin. Over the past two weeks, we have enjoyed an abundance of college and community activities such as the Aladdin Production, Mother’s Day Breakfast, Year 10 Emmaus Retreat, Year 11 Cape to Cape Outdoor Education Hiking Excursion and numerous incursions.

It was great to see so many mothers and mother figures join us for our annual Mothers’ Day Breakfast. With over 300 people attending, the breakfast was a resounding success. It was wonderful to see students, staff and parents participating in the event, and contributing to our Mothers’ Day video. I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the breakfast.

We also had the pleasure of experiencing the excellent Aladdin Production, which was a great chance for our talented students to showcase their skills and talents to the community. The students and staff worked tirelessly to create an amazing production, and we are thankful for the efforts and hard work the Performing Arts team put into creating such a high-quality production. What a spectacular show it was!

The Year 10 Emmaus Retreat has also taken place during the past 2 weeks. During this retreat, students spent two days cooperating and participating in activities led by the Youth Mission Team. They had the opportunity to listen to others and engage in group discussions, which highlighted the importance of relationships.

We have had several incursions and excursions since our last bulletin which I hope you enjoy reading about in the articles that follow.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, students and parents involved in these activities for making these experiences such a success.

Mrs Karen Prendergast
College Principal

Mother's Day Breakfast

Salvado Christian Service Learning Day

On Wednesday the 10th of May, the Salvado students embarked on their Christian Service Learning Day. The group travelled by bus to Australia’s only monastic town, New Norcia, which is about an hour and a half from Perth. New Norcia is central to our house spirit as it was founded by two Benedictine monks including our House patron Bishop Rosendo Salvado.

The students had the opportunity to participate in a liturgy led by one of New Norcia’s monks in the Abbey church, which is the resting place of Rosendo Salvado. After this, they had a BBQ lunch and then walked down to the olive grove. New Norcia’s olive groves date back to the 1850s, and by the early 1900s were an important part of the Benedictine community’s self-sufficiency.

The grove today is managed by the monks and staff of New Norcia with the help of volunteers. Our students helped to pick olives from these trees, sending a large pallet of olives off to be turned into olive oil. Through their efforts, they witnessed the tangible impact they could make by engaging in acts of service within their community.
I would like to thank all of the Salvado staff and students who joined us for what was a very special day.

Luke Baker
Salvado House Coordinator

Year 12 Murdoch University

Last Tuesday excitement was in the air as the Year 12 Flexi-Track students embarked on an excursion to Murdoch University. Students had a fabulous day filled with exploration, inspiration, and endless opportunities for learning.

The visit to Murdoch University provided students with insight to a world of knowledge, innovation, and academic excellence. The excursion provided students with a unique chance to delve deeper into various fields of study and ignite their curiosity even further.

Throughout the day, students had the incredible opportunity to engage in interactive workshops, and engaging discussions with faculty members and students. From science and technology to arts and humanities, Murdoch University offers a diverse range of academic disciplines to explore. 

A fun day had by all.      

Rosa Nicholls 
Careers Coordinator/Teacher

Aladdin Production

After a very successful 3 performances, the Aladdin JR Cast and Crew celebrate the end of amazing journey working on this year’s Whole School Musical. The Aladdin JR performances were a culmination of many months of hard work and planning, with all of this commencing in October and November of last year. Students quickly developed a preview performance for the College’s Illumenating Christmas event and did not stop working hard to bring the fantastic show to the Lumen Community.

On behalf of all of the Arts Staff, we are all extremely proud of all of the students who were involved in this musical, and thank everyone who took the time to attend our wonderful performance.  

Natalie Cox
Teacher Visual Arts

ACC Inclusive Sports Swimming Carnival

On Friday 28/4/23 the ACC Inclusive Sports Team travelled to Claremont Aquatic Centre to take part in the annual ACC Inclusive Sports Swimming Carnival. There were 190 participants from schools around the metro area. The students showed great sportsmanship, encouraging and supporting the Lumen team. The students swam through hoops, used kick boards, and completed medley events. They showed great courage, volunteering for unfamiliar events and showed true Lumen spirit.

Gina Broderick
Teacher (Learning Support)

Year 11 and 12 Cert 3 WA Ballet excursion

Our senior dance students had the amazing opportunity to view the performance ‘Ballet to Broadway’ at His Majesty Theatre. Attending productions like these connects with the Certificate Dance course as they are being exposed to professional choreographers and dancers. These students also undertake a Ballet unit in the Certificate course.  

Naomi Pulham
Head of Learning Area - Performing Arts

Liturgical & Specialist Dance rehearsals  

Our Dancers are working hard preparing for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival coming up in Term 3. Auditions and rehearsals are underway to prepare our Liturgical and Specialist Dance groups. Further information about these events will be available later this term.   

Naomi Pulham
Head of Learning Area - Performing Art


HASS Mock Trials Round 2

Round 2 of the HASS Mock Trial Competition saw Lumen Legends and Legally Lumen work collaboratively in meetings to prepare for an assault case during a university game of quidditch.

Lumen Legends, the prosecution argued assertively and effectively, but were not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and missed out by a mere 0.5 of a mark to take the win. Legally Lumen the defence won the court case but fell short by 1.5 marks to win the round. It was excellent to see students take on different roles and become more confident in the mock trial process. The final Round 3 will be held in June. Well done to both teams for a mammoth effort. 

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS


Year 12 Economics Guest Speaker Steven Kemp

In preparation for upcoming Semester One examinations, students in Year 12 Economics were treated to a revision session by Steven Kemp. Mr Kemp is the co-author of the Year 12 Economics textbook and past Chief Examiner of the WACE exam. He shared his wealth of knowledge, with handy tips and strategies to ace the exams! 
Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS


Australian Geography Competition

All Year 7 and 10 students in HASS and the Year 12 Geography class have participated in the Australian Geography Competition. Over 75,000 students from across Australia compete to showcase their geographical skills and knowledge. 

Students in HASS have historically performed well with Jessica Warren being awarded top Year 11 female student in the state last year, winning all expenses paid trip to the Northern Territory to compete nationally. Good luck to all students.

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS


Vinnies Youth Conference Corner

To all the Mums and Mother figures, Vinnies Youth hope that you enjoyed the little gifts purchased at the Inaugural Mother’s day stall. From the items that were sold the Vinnies were able to raise $227 towards the Winter appeal. Look out for the Fathers’ Day stall later in the year.

The Vinnies Youth are running for a reason in the HBF fun run THIS Sunday May 21. We are fundraising towards the Vinnies Mental Health awareness program. So far, we have raised $633 to help Vinnies provide Mental Health Youth services for teenagers in need. If you are interested in supporting this worthy cause you can make a donation here https://runforareason23.grassrootz.com/vinnies-wa/lcc-vinnies-youth-team.

The Winter appeal house competition is in full swing. Please send in any useable jumpers and blankets for the Vinnies winter appeal. Year 11 & 12’s there will be a tub for you to place jumpers for your house in G centre during the exam period so still bring in your jumpers. The winning house with the tallest ‘stack’ will earn 50 Cartoni cup points with a bonus 20 points to each house building a tower taller than the tallest student in the school. So, clean out the closets and send them in!

This is also a good opportunity to find ‘outfits’ to donate for the annual Vinnies Fashion Parade on Lumen Day. Donate clothes that you would like to see Staff and students modelling during the Talent Quest on Lumen Day. Please drop your donations off at the B block staff office for the parade.

Kelmscott Soup Kitchen have been excited to receive our cooking efforts, the Bacon Carbonara from our last cook was a favourite. We will be cooking on Week 4 Wednesday 17 May, Week 6 Wednesday 31 May, Week 8 Wednesday 14 June. All students in the College are encouraged to help out with the Soup Kitchen. Contact Ms Creighton for more information.

If you are interested in supporting, participating or joining the Vinnies Youth Conference here at Lumen watch the daily notices for more information. Students are welcome to come and chat to Ms Creighton in B block at any time or email Janine.creighton@cewa.edu.au.

Janine Creighton
Vinnies Youth Coordinator


The Waterwise Experience was an interactive, multi-sensory incursion, that is designed to engage and inspire students on the topic of water sustainability with links to the real world. The experience complemented students’ current studies in Geography.
Using silent disco technology, students connected and explored, through the power of audio. Students were led through three engaging narratives, which empower them to act and become sustainability ambassadors. They learned that we have finite resources and need to work together to preserve, restore and protect the uniqueness of our planet. Each narrative takes place in its own tent world, where the students work together to identify our water sources and understand the importance of our water supply and treatment processes.

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS


Year 10 Emmaus Retreat

On Monday and Tuesday of Week 3, Year 10 students participated in their Emmaus Retreat.

The focus of the retreat days was ‘Relationships’, and students were led through the program by members of the Youth Mission Team.

Over the course of the two days, students had the opportunity to listen to stories, watch dramas and participate in games and group discussions.

The feedback from students was enthusiastic about the experience, the presenters and retreat.     

Caroline Watson

Deputy Principal Mission

Physical Education Footwear Requirements 

Nike Airforce One's have become a popular and fashionable casual walking shoe for teenagers and there has been an increase in the number of students wearing them with both the College Winter and Sports Uniform.

Nike Airforce One's are not suitable for use in Physical Education (PE) or Outdoor Education as they do not offer the support and traction required for running on multiple surfaces. The College’s Uniform Guideline requires students to wear a ‘running’ shoe for Physical Education and as such these shoes have been deemed inappropriate to wear to school. Any shoe deemed to be a casual walking shoe (no matter the brand or company that manufactures them) is also considered to be outside of the College guidelines.

As with the PE uniform, Nike Airforce One’s are not to be worn as a school shoe with the summer and/or winter uniform as they do not meet the dress standards set by the College.

As running shoes are a part of the Physical Education uniform we ask that whenever students wear that uniform (whether they have sport or not) including Wednesdays, they are wearing the correct footwear.

The College appreciates the support of parents and students in maintaining a high level of presentation and safety. 

Adam Maxwell
Head of Learning Area - Health & Physical Education


Outdoor Education Cape to Cape track 

The Year 11 Outdoor Education Cape to Cape trip was an unforgettable experience that took place along the breathtaking Cape to Cape Track in Western Australia. The journey spanned several days and encompassed a wide range of challenging outdoor activities, stunning landscapes, and opportunities for personal growth.

Day 1: The trip began with a sense of excitement and anticipation as the students gathered at the starting point of the Cape to Cape Track. The group received a thorough briefing from experienced guides, who outlined the itinerary and safety precautions. After distributing necessary equipment and supplies, the students embarked on their first day of hiking along the rugged coastline. They marvelled at the stunning ocean views and encountered diverse flora and fauna along the way.

Day 2: As the students settled into the rhythm of the hike, they faced their first significant challenge—a steep climb up a headland that rewarded them with breathtaking panoramic vistas. Along the way, they engaged in team-building activities, honing their communication and problem-solving skills. In the evening, they set up camp near a secluded beach, where they enjoyed a well-deserved meal and bonded over stories and laughter around the campfire.

Day 3: The third day presented the students with an opportunity to explore the region's spectacular views before we had a stop off at the Farmers Markets and headed back to school.

Thank you to Mr Norris, Miss Haywood, Miss Flynn (HPE Prac student) and Miss Barnsby for accompanying the students. It was a great time and a trip to remember for the students.

Dylan Sarolea
Teacher (Outdoor Education)



Community News



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Perth Careers Expo 2023 + VET Expo

Perth’s longest-running careers, training and employment expo is coming up this year May 20th - May 21st.
It’s the only careers event in WA that brings together all of the local universities – and several from the eastern states – plus a huge range of vocational and professional training organisations, industry associations and employers.

Expo details: Perth Convention Centre Saturday and Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm.

For anyone pondering their future, this event is the complete picture, all in one place. And entry is free.