Term 1, Week 7 2023

A warm welcome to the Week 7 Lumen Bulletin. We are pleased to share with you the news, events, and updates from the past two weeks.

On Friday March 10th we had our first college tour of the year. It was great to welcome so many families to this event and to be able to show them our college on a typical school day. As always, our student leaders did a great job as tour guides, answering the many questions that were asked of them as they showed parents and prospective students around the campus.

If you are intending to apply for a Year 7 place for your child for 2024, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible as enrolments are strong, with a waitlist in place for our current Year 7’s and Year 9’s and limited places available in Year 8. Early applications can help secure a spot in the desired year group.

On Tuesday, March 14th we welcomed visitors from Catholic Education Western Australia to the College, led by the Executive Director, Dr Debra Sayce. During their visit, the group had the opportunity to meet students and staff, and experience various aspects of college life. Our first port of call was the College Chapel where our preparations for Harmony week were shared. We then visited the Year 7 transition centre, where our guests asked students about their experiences over the past few weeks, as they have transitioned into secondary school. We then saw the outdoor classroom in action and experienced students learning in a variety of innovative ways in the Discovery Centre. Both spaces provide unique opportunities for students to engage with their education in a range of contemporary ways. Our final stop was G Centre including student services, the Learning Hub and the other support services located in this space, all of which are important resources for students to access support and guidance as they navigate their academic and personal journeys.

One of the most important and valued experiences that our year 12 students have is their retreat. This opportunity is a wonderful way for students to step out of their usual routine and focus on their personal and spiritual growth. It's also a chance for students to connect with their peers and teachers in a different setting, strengthening relationships and building a sense of community. This year we placed the retreat earlier in the year, based on feedback from previous year groups who felt that it had such a positive impact on their final year of schooling that it would be beneficial to hold it in Term 1.

We look forward to celebrating Harmony Week next week. This is an important event that helps to promote cultural diversity and inclusion within the College community. As you will be aware from previous communications, we have lots of exciting events planned for Harmony Week, with one of the main ones being our Harmony Day Community Mass, taking place at 5.30 pm on Tuesday 21 March. We would love you to join us for this celebration.

Please enjoy reading the rest of this bulletin.

Mrs Karen Prendergast
College Principal

CEWA Admin Tour

Year 7 Activity Day

Year 12 Economics

On Friday 10/03/23, the Year 12 ATAR Economics students received a visit from Mr Steve Kemp, author, past chief examiner and lecturer from Curtin University for a presentation on Australia’s Balance of Payments. Our Economic students covered topics and completed activities to learn further the structure, trends, and cyclical reasons for Australia’s current Balance of Payments.

Robert Dale

Lumen Champions

The annual ACC ISP Cricket Carnival took place on Friday 10/3/23 at Alderbury Reserve in Floreat.

18 students from Lumen represented the College, beginning with a warm up and skills session.

The students then went into mixed year level teams and rotated through a series of modified games.

At the end of this session the runs were tallied. Lumen Legends and Lumen Strikers  were a draw – both teams scoring the most number of runs. These teams then progressed to a grand final. The Lumen Legends were Emily Hicks, Trey Garlett, Jakob D’Lima, Caitlin Radaza and Tyson Leon. They versed the Lumen Strikers, -  Manraj Randhawa, Jamie Riley, Zoey Dekens, Ella Thompson, Chamieka Brown and Cecilia Luboya. These teams were closely matched in skills and ability with the end result another draw!

The game went to a “super over” with 2 skilled batters selected from each team. The Legends batters, Tyson and Jakob versed the Strikers batsmen, Manraj and Jamie. The final score and carnival champions were the Legends – winning by 1 run. Although there was only one winner, the 18 Lumen students were all champions. They showed sportsmanship, courage, perseverance and encouragement throughout the carnival.

Another highlight was the presentation of a medallion to Giselle Winwood, who achieved first place in the “Ironman Enticer” event at the recent ACC ISP Beach Carnival. 


Gina Broderick 
Teacher (Learning Support)

Mock Trials

On Tuesday 14 March, our two Mock Trial teams, Legally Lumen and Lumen Legends undertook their first court appearance at the Supreme Court of WA. Our first case was a criminal matter where the defendant was accused of graffiti. Lumen Legends challenged the Legal Eagles from Kingsway Christian College while Legally Lumen challenged The Reasonable Doubts from St Stephens School. All but two students were new to mock trials and should be congratulated in all their hard work preparing for the cases. In the end, Lumen Legends came home with a win but better luck next time for Legally Lumen. 

Peta Handley
Teacher - (HASS)

Year 7 Activity Day

On Monday 13th March, Year 7 students participated in an activity day at Swan Valley Adventure Centre

The students had the exciting opportunity to engage in activities such as canoeing, building a raft, catapult building and a crate stack / Jacob’s ladder course.

The purpose of this day is for students to interact with each other, develop friendships and be challenged by a range of tasks so they develop their ability to work as a team. We hope these activities helped support students to grow in confidence, make many new friends and learn something about themselves.

We look forward as a Lumen community to witness the continuing growth of our wonderful Year 7 group as many great opportunities await them.

James Castiello
Head of Year 7 

Collaboration Time in HASS

Students in Year 8 and 10 have been busy focusing on participating in fun teamwork activities in several collaborative lessons in the class and the outdoor classroom. Activities not only focus on the topics of the value and importance of landforms and landscapes, environmental change and World War 1, but teamwork and analytical skills important for the student’s holistic development.

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS

Harmony Day Community Mass - Save the Date

Lumen Christi will celebrate Harmony Week from 20 March – 24 March this year.
The week will be full of exciting events, competitions and performances to celebrate the diverse community at the College.
On Tuesday 21 March, all families are invited to join us in the College Sports Centre for our first Harmony Day Community Mass. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Sproxton and the staff and students will join together to read and sing in some of the 50 languages we speak here at the College.
It is a College expectation that all students attend and we warmly invite parents and family to join them. Please wear traditional dress or orange to mark the occasion. More details will be sent home via email in the coming week.

Mother’s Day Project - Save the Date

In preparation for the College’s Mother’s Day celebrations we are looking for mums, stepmums, grandmas, aunties and all mother figures to help with a special Mother’s Day project.
The project will begin in week 9 and those hoping to be involved will need to be available between 3.30pm and 5.00pm on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. An email will be sent home in Week 7 with more details about the project and how to get involved.

2023 Art Project

Across 2023, we are looking for artists from the College community that can help with a cultural art project.
If you are interested in getting involved, or know someone who may like to be involved, please email Caroline Watson – caroline.watson@cewa.edu.au with the subject title 2023 Art Project.

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

Harmony Week Donations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are looking for donations of international lollies and cakes as part of our celebrations for Harmony Week.
We will be having a lolly stall at break 1 on Monday 20th March. Please send donations of international lollies to Student Services (Rachel Goodchild) by Friday 17th March.
On Thursday 23rd March there will be a cake stall at break 1. We are hoping for donations of international cakes to be bought in either the day before or on the Thursday.
Thank you for your support.

Harmony Week Committee

Sports Events

Two weeks ago, Yr11 student Jacob Eddington competed in the 2023 WA Senior state athletics championships. Jacob competed in the U/18 division of the: 200m, 400m, 110m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles and Long Jump. His results at this event were excellent.

200m – 2nd result: 22.97secs
400m – 1st result: 51.24secs
110m Hurdles – 1st result: 14.28secs
400m Hurdles – 1st result: 55.97secs
Long Jump – 2nd result: 6.78m

The ACC swimming carnival is next Friday 24 March at HBF Stadium. The Lumen team has been training hard and with great enthusiasm. There has been up to 50 students at a training session, and expectations are high for a good result. Best of luck to all swimmers.

Craig Preshaw
Sports Coordinator

Year 7 HASS - Poo from the Past

Year 7 HASS students have been studying the Ancient World and how historians write a historical narrative. The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty! ‘POO FROM THE PAST” had students using hands on skills of excavation to uncover evidence about the eating and living habits of humans through the ages by dissecting a fake human poo.   

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS

2023 Project Compassion Donations

Donate to support Caritas Australia with their work to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity

Click here to donate

Vinnies Youth First Soup Kitchen

Janine Creighton
Vinnies Youth Coordinator


Art Excursion

On Friday, 10 March, the Year 12 Art students bussed into the city for a full day of learning and investigation. Our first stop was to visit the studios at North Metro TAFE. This is a possible pathway for our students beyond Lumen. The diversity of art was remarkable. We were lucky to witness working studios of in jewellery , drawing, painting, digital design, ceramics, sculpture, fashion, printmaking, 3D digital animation, film and television and photography. A number of generous lecturers and technicians graciously addressed the students to explain the various art industries on show. Many of the students were keen to learn how these art forms could lead them into careers.

To break up the day, we had a quick lunch and the students were given the task of collecting a range of photographs to be used as visual resources back in our own studios at Lumen. Following this, our third purpose was to investigate the many stories at our wonderful Boola Bardip WA Museum. The museum is a treasure of natural and human chronicles. The students continued to take photographic evidence of their discoveries. Later this term, the students will use these images to develop their own artwork. The day was over too soon but the memory of the adventure will remain.

Lance Taylor
Visual Arts and Media Arts Teacher

Community News

School Drop off and Pick Up Reminder
Following a recent complaint that parents are blocking patient access to the Mills Road Dental Service during pick up times, we have been advised that they have contacted the City of Gosnells Ranger to take action, i.e. issue fines, as this is directly affecting their business.

This is a reminder that College has two designated kiss and ride areas for student drop off and pick up:
• Gate 2 – student services. Follow the arrows round the car park and do not park in the staff area.
• Gate 3 – entry beside sports centre. Again, follow round the loop to ensure traffic flows smoothly.

Gate 1 is the entry point for school bus services only and to ensure student safety during those busy periods, parents should not attempt to drop off, or pick up students via this entrance.


Careers Column

Tuesday, 21 MarchHarmony Day
Thursday, 24 MarchACC Swimming Carnival
Wednesday, 29 MarchYear 12 Outdoor Ed Snorkelling
Sunday, 2 AprilPalm Sunday

New Courses
Each year, universities and other institutes update their courses and often add new ones. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting, or just something a little bit different, Check out this new course being offered at UWA:

Modern Languages at UWA
The world is becoming more and more interconnected, and with communication being one of the key soft skills needed in any job, speaking more than one language can be a huge advantage. In this new degree from UWA, you’ll not only learn how to speak two new languages, you’ll also understand how cultural histories and context shape communication and how to effectively harness this knowledge.
Learn more here.

Why should I apply for a scholarship?
If you’re looking at further study, there are lots of reasons you should consider applying for scholarships, including:

• Financial support – whether it’s a stipend for materials or contributing to your fees, a bit of extra cash can help relieve the pressure

• Access to extra perks – some scholarships also come with great bonuses, such as exclusive events and travel opportunities

• Career development – along with other bonuses, scholarships also sometimes offer access to mentoring and career opportunities.

Each year, there are always lots of scholarships that go unawarded because nobody applies. So even if you’re unsure, applying is always a good idea – you never know what might happen!

Rosa Nicholls
Careers Coordinator