Term 1, Week 5 2023

As we come to the end of week 5, I’d like to remind you of some important information and share with you some of the many activities that have occurred over the past couple of weeks.

During the first half of this term, Parent Information Nights have taken place for each year group. Parent support for these nights has been strong, with high levels of engagement which serve to strengthen the partnership between home and school. When parents and teachers communicate regularly and respectfully, important information is shared about students' needs and progress. This can help to identify and address any issues or concerns in a timely manner. By working together, we can create an environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

I would like to remind parents and caregivers of the importance of keeping the College informed of any information which may help us to support the wellbeing or academic progress of your child. As indicated in my communication to parents at the beginning of this term, the information below includes the most appropriate point of contact for specific matters.

For general enquiries please contact the College reception on 9394 9300.

For brief, straightforward communication, email is generally the best option. Staff will endeavour to respond to emails within two working days.

For more complex situations a phone conversation with the relevant staff member is often the best option If there is a specific issue you wish to discuss, please contact the appropriate member of staff either on their direct line, details of which are included on their email signature, or via College reception on the phone indicated number above.

In recent weeks, there have been a number of occasions on which parents/caregivers have visited the College and requested an immediate meeting with a member of staff, without having previously made an appointment. On these occasions, staff members have not been able to accommodate this request as they have not been available at the time. If there is a specific issue you wish to discuss, please contact the appropriate member of staff via College reception to arrange an appropriate time to meet.

Uniform and Presentation

It is pleasing to see that the majority of students have started the new school year with excellent uniform and presentation standards. I would like to remind all families of the Uniform and Presentation Guidelines, which can be accessed here.

Over the past week, House Coordinators have discussed with some students the need to modify their hairstyle, so that it complies with the College Uniform and Presentation Guidelines. We are committed to working in partnership with families to ensure that a high level of presentation is maintained, and therefore ask that any extreme hair styles, including those that have significant variations in length, are rectified by Tuesday 7 March. The hairstyles that would fall into this category include, but are not limited to, mullets and undercuts, as well as ‘rat tails’ and ‘horse tails’. The guidelines include the requirement that all hair, including braid extensions, is of a natural colour. If you require further clarification, please contact your child’s Homeroom Teacher or House Coordinator.

The College is committed to the wellbeing of students, and we remind you that hats are compulsory for students during breaks in terms 1 and 4, while in non-shaded areas, and during PE lessons throughout the year. Two styles of hat are available for purchase from the uniform shop.

Please enjoy reading the following articles which provide a snapshot of the past 2 weeks of college life.

God Bless

Mrs Karen Prendergast
College Principal

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday

Year 10 Food Science 

This week in Food, Science and Technology our Year 10 students made Lamingtons. The topic for our Year 10 course is ‘Foods Around the World’ which our students are very excited and keen to participate in. Being a multicultural school, often our students can assist the teacher in providing information and demonstrations of recipes customary to their culture. To make our lamingtons, we first made a basic sponge cake which we then coated in a thick chocolate icing mixture before rolling it in coconut.

Each week we have as many as 550 students pass through our 2 Food Rooms, creating both basic and complex recipes. This week we also had our Year 7 students cooking hash browns, our Year 8 students made sausage rolls and our Year 9 students cooked a chocolate bread and butter pudding.

Would you like to have a go at making Lamingtons at home? Why not give it a try using our recipe.

Makes 9

You’ll need:
Sponge Ingredients:
65g butter
½ cup caster sugar
½ teaspoons vanilla essence
1 ½ eggs
110g SR flour
¼ cup milk
3 ½ cups icing sugar
¼ c cocoa
1 tablespoons butter (melted)
½ cup boiling water
1 cup desiccated coconut

Here’s How:
Preheat oven to 160c.
Line a square 17x17cm pan with baking paper.
Using an electric mixer beat butter, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy.
Add eggs and beat well.
Sift flour over the butter mixture, add milk and stir until combined.
Spoon into pan smoothing the top.
Bake for 15 minutes or until spongy.
Allow to cool completely.
Cut cake into 9 pieces.
Sift icing sugar and cocoa into medium bowl.
Add butter (melted) and boiling water. Stir until smooth.
Place coconut in a large bowl.
Dip each cake into icing, drain then into coconut to coat.

Carly Warrick 
Teacher in Charge - Technologies (Food & Textiles)

Year 11 General Business Management and Enterprise

Year 11 General Business Management and Enterprise students visited the Western Australian Museum to participate in a range of dynamic activities. Students explored how entrepreneurs take their passions and turn them into successful businesses. Using case studies of Western Australian entrepreneurs, the excursion unpacked the journey of success and identified skills and assets that enabled their business to thrive. Working as a team, students then develop their own idea into a business opportunity. Students explored examples of entrepreneurship in the Rio Tinto Gallery Innovations and explored concepts of problem-solution fit, proof of market and scalability. 

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS

Happenings in HASS

Studnets have been busy collaborating and exploring the new facilities available to students at the College. Year 9’s in History have been researching and identifying the impacts of the Industrial Revolution. One of the challenging activities asked students to match the invention, with its purpose and impact and the inventor. Year 12 ATAR Geography students have been enjoying the weather, teaching the teacher in the outdoor classroom, the impacts of landcover change on the water cycle.

The HASS department welcomes two Mock Trial teams for 2023, both the prosecution and the defence. Students meet every Tuesday afternoon in B Block to discuss and role play, State of WA V’s Molotov, a criminal case, damage of Graffiti. Teams will compete against Perth schools at the Supreme Court of Western Australia on Tuesday March 14th.

Marissa Pirie
Head of Learning Area - HASS

Harmony Day Community Mass - Save the Date

Lumen Christi will celebrate Harmony Week from 20 March – 24 March this year.
The week will be full of exciting events, competitions and performances to celebrate the diverse community at the College.
On Tuesday 21 March, all families are invited to join us in the College Sports Centre for our first Harmony Day Community Mass. The Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Sproxton and the staff and students will join together to read and sing in some of the 50 languages we speak here at the College.
It is a College expectation that all students attend and we warmly invite parents and family to join them. Please wear traditional dress or orange to mark the occasion. More details will be sent home via email in the coming week.

Mother’s Day Project - Save the Date

In preparation for the College’s Mother’s Day celebrations we are looking for mums, stepmums, grandmas, aunties and all mother figures to help with a special Mother’s Day project.
The project will begin in week 9 and those hoping to be involved will need to be available between 3.30pm and 5.00pm on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. An email will be sent home in Week 7 with more details about the project and how to get involved.

2023 Art Project

Across 2023, we are looking for artists from the College community that can help with a cultural art project.
If you are interested in getting involved, or know someone who may like to be involved, please email Caroline Watson – caroline.watson@cewa.edu.au with the subject title 2023 Art Project.

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

Harmony Week Donations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are looking for donations of international lollies and cakes as part of our celebrations for Harmony Week.
We will be having a lolly stall at break 1 on Monday 20th March. Please send donations of international lollies to Student Services (Rachel Goodchild) by Friday 17th March.
On Thursday 23rd March there will be a cake stall at break 1. We are hoping for donations of international cakes to be bought in either the day before or on the Thursday.
Thank you for your support.

Harmony Week Committee

Errol's Ordination

Staff, students, parents and friends of Lumen Christi gathered on Friday 18th February to celebrate the Diaconal Ordination of Errol Lobo at the Gosnells Parish. The joyous celebration was presided over by Archbishop Timothy Costello along with priests and deacons from around the diocese. Over the last 12 months Deacon Errol has volunteered at the College each week and involved himself in many aspects of life at Lumen. Staff and students have gained from his mentoring, wise reflections and enthusiasm for the community and it was no surprise to see so many gathered to support him as he took the next step on his vocation journey. At the end of this week, Deacon Errol will leave Gosnells parish for his next placement, and we extend both our thanks and best wishes to him for his service and friendship to the College.  

Caroline Watson
Deputy Principal Mission

2023 Project Compassion Donations

Donate to support Caritas Australia with their work to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity

Click here to donate

Vinnies Youth Conference Corner

Vinnies Youth are a dedicated group of students within the College who are working to make our world a better place. This term the Vinnies Youth Conference has met to discuss the activities that we as a community can do to help those who are doing it tough in our neighborhood.

Over the next few weeks the students will be participating in cooking after school for the Kelmscott Soup kitchen beginning on March 8 and again on March 22 this term. Students will be preparing a nutritious meal which will be picked up and served the same night to families needing a helping hand.

The Vinnies Youth are also going to be running for a reason in the HBF fun run on Sunday May 21. After the initial entrance fee is paid the students are being encouraged to fundraise towards the Vinnies Mental Health awareness program. If you are interested in joining in the fun run or making a donation, more information can be found here.

The Vinnies Youth look forward to providing a service to the community with Mother’s and Father’s day stalls, proceeds going to the Vinnies winter appeal. Other activities to look out for on the Vinnies calendar is the Winter sleepout, dump a jumper, the Lumen day fashion parade, Back to school appeal, Christmas appeal and soup kitchens.

If you are interested in supporting, participating or joining the Vinnies Youth Conference here at Lumen watch the daily notices for more information. Students are welcome to come and chat to Ms Creighton in B block at any time.

Janine Creighton
Vinnies Youth Coordinator


House Swimming Carnival 2023

On Tuesday of week 5 we held our annual House Swimming Carnival. It was a wonderful day full of friendly competition in the pool. All year 7 and all year 12 students were in attendance on the day, while nominated swimmers from years 8 to 11 were present. 

In the end, it was Tangney House that were too strong once again, making it two years in a row that they took out the Champion Team trophy.

The final results were:

1st - Tangney 2451
2nd - Salvado 1703
3rd - Yagan 1468
4th - MacKillop 1302
5th - Campbell 1203

Congratulations to all swimmers on the day for representing your house, and to those who have made the interschool squad.

Senior Boys Basketball Tournament

On Thursday Week 5, the Senior Boys Basketball team competed in the ACC Basketball tournament held at Willetton Stadium. They had some strong competition and ended up splitting the day 3 wins and 3 very close losses. The highlight of the day came when the team defeated Kennedy Baptist College, who only lost one game on the day. Unlucky not to come away with at least 5 wins, but the boys tried their hardest in tough conditions.

Well done the the team, it was a great day.

Luke Baker

Community News

School Drop off and Pick Up Reminder
Following a recent complaint that parents are blocking patient access to the Mills Road Dental Service during pick up times, we have been advised that they have contacted the City of Gosnells Ranger to take action, i.e. issue fines, as this is directly affecting their business.

This is a reminder that College has two designated kiss and ride areas for student drop off and pick up:
• Gate 2 – student services. Follow the arrows round the car park and do not park in the staff area.
• Gate 3 – entry beside sports centre. Again, follow round the loop to ensure traffic flows smoothly.

Gate 1 is the entry point for school bus services only and to ensure student safety during those busy periods, parents should not attempt to drop off, or pick up students via this entrance.


Careers Column

Monday, 6 MarchLabour Day
Thursday, 9 MarchYear 11 and 12 Drama Industry Workshop
Friday, 10 MarchCollege Tour
Sunday, 12 MarchAladdin All Day Dress Rehearsal

How to ask for help if you’re falling behind:

Falling behind in class or feeling like you do not understand something can be upsetting and sometimes overwhelming. And the thought of needing to ask your teachers for help can be even more stressful.
But don’t fear – your teachers are there to help you out. You shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for help, but there are some things you can do to make sure you get the most out of it.
Here’s what to do and how to ask your teachers for help.

Be specific
Instead of just giving up and saying, “this subject is too hard” or “I just don’t get it”, it’s much more constructive (for both you and your teacher) if you can pinpoint the areas you need help with the most.
Look back at your work and try to find the specifics of what you’re struggling with. For example, you might be able to remember a mathematical formula by heart but struggle with complex problem-solving. Maybe you have an excellent idea for a short story but can’t quite get the grammar right.
If you have examples of things you didn’t get right on tests or assignments, bring those in so you can ask what went wrong.

Be proactive
To get the most out of the help from your teacher, it’s best to ask as soon as you realise you’re struggling – leaving it until you’ve gotten a bad mark on your assignment isn’t a great idea.
The more time you have to work through an issue, the more likely you’ll be able to sort it out instead of adding extra pressure on already stressful deadlines and due dates.

Be respectful
Generally, people will be more receptive to helping you if you treat them with kindness and respect. Try and approach your teacher at an appropriate time (i.e. not while they’re rushing between classes) and be polite.

Remember – the earlier you ask, the better!

Rosa Nicholls
Careers Coordinator