In Years 8 and 9, we offer a practical Mathematics, Humanities & Social Sciences class, where educational outcomes are attained through alternative and modified methods to promote student engagement. Support will be offered in two of the Year 7 classes to assist with Literacy and Numeracy.

Our Lifeskills program, which takes place each Friday, teaches Lower School students how to catch a bus or train, use a SmartRider, be aware of road safety, shop for particular items, deal with money, cooking, laundry, stranger danger, protective behaviours etc.

Lumen Christi College also has a close association with Therapy Focus who offer ‘on-site’ occupational/speech therapy.

Year 7 - 10Core subject support in class as required.
(Years 7 - 9)
Transport training, shopping, personal hygiene and protective behaviours.
Design & Technology
(Years 7 - 9)
Support as required in craft, cooking, metalwork, woodwork and art.
Literacy & Numeracy
(Year 7)
Challenging activities in literacy and numeracy.
TAFE Certificate I
(Years 8 - 10)
Vocational careers, work readiness, retail and information technology.

TAFE Certificate I in Hospitality
TAFE Certificate I in Resources
(Year 10)

Offered to selected students.
Work Experience
(Years 11 - 12)
We offer fully supported work experience at various local outlets.
Specialised Study Classes & Catch Up
(Years 11 - 12)
We assist Upper School students with study skills, career choices and assessments on a 1:1 basis.